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The notable TV face of Sky Sports News Hayley McQueen is a versatile TV sports anchor, newsperson and a RTS award achieving producer. She as well presents for football scheduling linked with Sky Sports including Sky Sports Champion League. She was welcomed into this world on 9th December, 1979 as the first child of Gordon McQueen having two younger siblings afterwards. Her father is the legendary footballer associated with Manchester United, Scotland and Leeds United, and Sky Sports savant. Because of her father being a sportsperson, she developed an admiration towards sports since she was too little. She spent her childhood in Scotland after which she migrated to Hong Kong and then ultimately in 1994, she resided at Hutton Rudby, North Yorkshire. She received her bachelor’s degree majoring in the field of PR Marketing and Journalism specializing with Broadcast Journalism. She further stretched her study up to Media Law.


Embarking on her career, she initially worked for Richard and Judy running and assisting the production. She later entered Middlesbrough’s Boro Television channel functioning as a producer and news reporter for certain period of time. She once represented as a member of Football in the Community strategy of Middlesbrough FC. After a while, she shifted to Sky TV on sports news as its leading news presenter passing a brief service till 2006. She again switched her job to Fox Sports and then to MUTV. During her tenure at MUTV, her task was to host day matches, presenting plus producing news, everyday talk, phone-in programs, and development of day matches live. She has co-anchored as a partner to Scott Minto during the Daily World Cup competition in 2010 on behalf of Al Jazeera Sports. On August of 2010, she once again returned back to Sky Sports on occasion of its launch in HD. She is tangled in several community projects apart from presenting Champions League of football representing Sky Sports and live show of International Round Up. She as well regularly hosts the match day for Wembley FA Club’s Football Association.


According to her self-admission in a face-to-face interview, Hayley McQueen is not married and does not have any boyfriend till now; even so she rejoices her joyful life being a precious part of her family and close friends. Since she is unmarried, there’s no objection of her divorce with her non-existing husband. No any hoaxes have been passed out lately about her pregnancy or bearing a baby either. No one believes that she isn’t involved in any sort of love affairs looking her graceful personality, but forcefully, media is shut by her tight-lipped mouth regarding her unrevealed private life.


The illustrious sports news reporter in a bold avatar is identified as Hayley McQueen who tones youthful even at her mid thirties. She acts too perceiving when it occurs about her sexy torso and fitness. She sustains her slim body by working out on regular basis followed by balanced diet. She looks extremely hot while she appears on bikini, TV exposing a little but seductive enough of her cleavage and her aphrodisiac legs. She possesses right height for her physique which is favored by her well pedicure feet. She has developed uncountable male fan of hers worldwide by her gorgeous appearances and skillful presentation.


Rather than upgrading her sports journalism career, she contributed her best efforts for providing the audiences latest news in sports’ field without any less extent. She adores presenting the live sports news return to which the viewers adore her and the news reported by her. She explains that she never sorrows about what she has or hasn’t done in her life history; she is satisfied with her work and all. Overall, she has created a mythical place on the sports news presenting field within the news media world. She is noteworthy of deserving rewards for her terrific work and also everyone pats on her back praise fully.


Since internet has enhanced as the easiest way of finding and knowing one’s desired personalities, Hayley’s bio also can be discovered in several official websites including wiki as well. Although her bio seems not much interesting with a straight going career, her sweetheart look along with talented skills are admirable enough for her fans to please. Twitter is the fairest way to get aware of her up-to-the-minute tidings.