Is Maci Bookout Pregnant Or Has She Gained Weight? Everything We Know About The Tv Personality

Reality TV star, Maci Bookout announces her pregnancy
Reality TV star, Maci Bookout announces her pregnancy( Source : instagram )

TV personality and Teen Mom star Maci Bookout confused fans with her new appearance in the Teen Mom promo for the new season with her unique appearance and a small bump on the belly.

Rumors of the star being pregnant have been around since early March 2022, but with no announcement of the pregnancy, some fans just guessed that Maci gained a little weight.

Let us learn about the truth behind her new appearance, whether she is pregnant, her husband and married life, her kids, and her social media.

Has Maci Bookout Gained Weight, Or Is She Pregnant?

Teen Mom star Maci Bookout finally cleared the confusion of fans about her gaining weight or being pregnant by announcing her pregnancy on her Instagram today.

The reality TV star shared a picture of her ultrasound with baby toys and clothes with a sign that read, "We've been keeping a little secret. Baby McKinney arriving January 2023."

Maci Bookout's pregnancy announcement with a picture of her ultrasound
Maci Bookout's pregnancy announcement with a picture of her ultrasound( Source : instagram )

Rumors of her pregnancy started in early March of 2022, but no one could tell since they couldn't see the baby bump. However, she has been trying hard to hide her baby bump in her latest pictures in the past couple of months.

Bookout wore many oversized clothes or took pictures where her belly was out of the frame, so it was confusing to her fans if she was pregnant.

But with the promo video of the new season of Teen Mom, she finally opened up about the good news and let the world in on her little secret.

Maci Bookout's Husband, Taylor McKinney

Maci Bookout married her husband, Taylor McKinney, a motocross racer from Texas, on October 8, 2016. The couple started dating each other in 2012, and McKinney proposed to Maci in 2016.

On January 19, 2016, the couple engaged in Venice Beach, California. Their proposal became a crucial part of Teen Mom, and the couple has been appearing on the show since then.

Maci Bookout and her husband, Taylor McKinney
Maci Bookout and her husband, Taylor McKinney( Source : instagram )

Taylor and Maci had two kids before their marriage to each other. However, Maci also had a former partner to who she got engaged in 2009.

Her former partner, Ryan Edwards, and the couple had issues with Ryan sending threatening messages to the couple expressing intentions to kidnap their son.

Now, both of them have been restraining orders against each other since 2018. And despite the couple's divorce rumors, they are still together and excited about the new baby in their life.

Kids Of Teen Mom Star, Maci Bookout

According to her latest announcement, Maci Bookout has three kids, with the fourth one due in early 2023. The 16 and Pregnant star gave birth to her first son at 17 with her boyfriend, Ryan Edwards.

Her son, Bentley Cadence, was born on October 27, 2008, which put her in the limelight as she starred in the show 16 and was pregnant in 2009. The show followed teenage mothers with documentary-style filming of young mothers.

Maci Bookout with her husband and kids
Maci Bookout with her husband and kids( Source : instagram )

After separating from Ryan, she married her current husband, Taylor, and had two more children, Jayde Carter, and Maverick Reed.

The couple started appearing on the spinoff show of 16 and Pregnant named Teen Mom. With the new season coming out soon, it focuses on the relationship between the couple and their new pregnancy.

Is The Reality TV Star On Instagram?

Yes, Maci Bookout is active on her social media, mainly Instagram, where she announced her pregnancy. The mother of three loves to share pictures of her family, with most images centered around their adorable children.

With her success and popularity from the reality show, Bookout has over 4.3 million followers with 1874 posts. Maci shares updates on her show and new projects with her followers on her Instagram.

Also, she has her own clothing brand, Things That Matter Lifestyle, which she promotes on her social media. Her Instagram bio reads writer, mom, best-selling author, and PCOS Advocate.

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