Who Are Casper Knopf Parents? Meet The Young Actor From Halo 2022

Casper Knopf is a child actor from the United States. Casper Knopf's biographical information is listed below.

Casper Knopf is most known for his roles in The Small Hand (Ghost Story) (2019), Halo (2022), and Our House (TV Movie) (Filming).

Casper has only appeared in three films throughout his career. In 2019, he made his acting debut as Leo in the film "The Small Hand (Ghost Story)."

The plot of the ghost story revolves on When the ghost of a little child torments an antique book merchant. He starts to look into the weird events that have occurred in his life.

Who Are Casper Knopf Parents?

The names of Casper Knopf's father and mother are unknown. He was born & reared in Tucson, Arizona, with his family & relatives.

He's now working on Young John's "Halo (TV Series) 2022." "Halo (TV Series)" is an action/adventure/science fiction television series.

In an epic 26th-century showdown, aliens threaten human survival in the Halo narrative. Based on the video game 'Halo,' this is a TV show.

Our House is the story of Fi Lawson, who returns home one day to discover a family of strangers has moved into her home, and her husband, Bram, has vanished.

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Casper Knopf Age: How Old Is He Now?

Casper Knopf was born in Tucson, Arizona, in the United States as a child actor. He must be between the ages of 9 and 12.

Knopf's birthdate is unknown. He has a Caucasian appearance.

Casper Knopf Education Details Explored

The educational background of actor Casper Knopf was not discovered.

He might be enrolled in any local private school in Tucson, Arizona, at his age.

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Casper Knopf Birthday: When Does He Celebrate It?

Casper Knopf's date of birth, as well as when he celebrates his birthday, is unknown.

Baseball, cycling, martial arts, tennis in athletics, and instrument Paino and recorder are among his talents.

He can tap and hip hop dance, as well as sing.

Meet Casper Knopf On Instagram

The Instagram handle of Casper Knopf is unknown. He does, however, have a Facebook account.

Casper Knopf is his Facebook handle, yet he has yet to publish anything.

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