20 Female Hairstyles For Big Foreheads

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If you can fit your five fingers perfectly on your forehead, you have a big forehead. Most females are conscious and insecure about their big foreheads. Our hairstyle plays a very crucial part in defining the facial feature. Therefore, choosing the right hairstyle, such as bangs or face-framing layers, helps to neutralize the large forehead.

The main motive of a person with a big forehead should be to opt for an ideal hairstyle that helps to cover the large forehead and shift the focus down toward the eyes. You can take the help of your hairstyle. It is considered that women with such huge foreheads require either vertical, horizontal, or both types of framing. Here are 20 hairstyles for females with big foreheads:

1. Lengthy Curtain Fringe for Blonde Hair

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Curtain fringes are the type of hairstyle that is mostly preferred for females with big foreheads. Fringes can be of any type, long, messy, short, or colored. Lengthy curtain fringes help to frame the face on either side. Color your hair blonde and try this long curtain fringe.

This hairstyle gives your face elegance and variety and on top of all that it helps to shift the focus from your big forehead to your fringes. So it is important to style them accordingly. Use light, body-adding shampoo, followed by conditioner, and use some styling aids to get that perfect falling fringes.

2. Bob with Heavy Fringe

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This hairstyle is best for females with large foreheads as it covers their forehead fully and draws attention toward the eyes. Simply put, a bob with a heavy fringe includes a blunt bob cut with a statement fringe. The fringe adds more volume and movement to your face.

This hairstyle is quite popular among female celebrities, as it completely changes the look to give a chic and gorgeous look. In order to style this hairstyle, add some voluminous mousse when the hair is damp. After that blow dry with a round brush, and try to lift the layers out in a random direction. Then you have your stylish bob with a heavy fringe.

3. Shoulder Length Curls with Bangs

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Everyone loves bangs. Curly hair bangs look amazing, even if they seem messy and frizzy. The beautiful curls will fall right over the forehead, creating a meaningful frame of your face. If you wish for medium hair with bangs, this hairstyle is for you.

This haircut gives your hair maximum volume and it comes with low maintenance. You may request your hair stylist to use a 90-degree layering technique all over the head and ask them to make rounded layers. Curly hair and bangs are a very stylish and loved hairstyle that will help you cover up your forehead and also make you look cute.

4. Short Shag with Center Partition

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Shag cut is known for its heavy layers, volume, and thin bangs. This is one of the most famous haircuts for someone with a big forehead. The heavy layers that run through your face and the messy volume with thin bangs help to completely move the focus on the hair and other facial features.

This hairstyle even helps to slim down your face. In order to style this look, you first need to get a neck-length haircut with heavy layers and a middle partition.

5. Medium hair with Side Swept Fringe

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This hairstyle is in a way similar to some variants of bob cut. But there are many potentials available with this hairstyle. You can get a medium-length cut and have a sweeping fringe, either on the center or on the side. Medium hair also plays a role in controlling forehead exposure and when accompanied by side sweeping, the overall look changes.

If your fringes are perfectly swept, the whole hairstyle flattens your round face, highlights your cheek, and moves the focus to your nose. Apart from comforting your big forehead, side-swept fringes also hide your fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

6. Full Bangs with long hair

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Long hair with heavy bangs looks flattering. There are two factors in this hairstyle that help to less highlight your big forehead. The first one being, the heavy fringe and the second being the long hair itself. We already know about how bangs are big forehead female’s favorite, but one should not forget that long hair contributes so much to a person’s facial features.

Long hair moves the focus from the forehead toward the length and texture of the hair. You can either place your bangs side wards or let it fall straight. This is one of the easiest and most common hairstyles every female with a big forehead must try once.

7. French Bob with Bangs

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French Bob is a short hairstyle that is below the chin or slightly above the chin level. It has many textures and blunt cuts. The bangs complement your age and make you look younger. The focus is swiftly moved towards the cheekbones. Usually, females with oval, long, and heart shapes opt for this hairstyle.

French bob with bangs is a sassy cut. This hairstyle is great for big foreheads as the short length of the overall hair and the short bangs make the neck look longer and eventually shift the focus to the shoulder and collarbones. You might prefer hair styling tools for adopting this hairstyle but, try and air dry it to witness a messy beautiful French bob.

8. Headband ponytail

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To achieve this look, tie a ruffed ponytail and place the headband an inch or two behind the hairline. It is true that a ponytail immensely highlights your forehead. But what could be done is, you can leave out some hair in front of the headband. The hair falls to the level of the chick and sometimes even below.

This left-out hair plays a crucial role. The hair lets the focus draw towards the jawline and your shoulder. This type of hairstyle suits almost all face shape and hair texture. Curls create more volume than straight hair. As a result, this headband ponytail is a cute hairstyle for females to cover their large foreheads.

9. Choppy Layered Wavy Lob

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Choppy layered wavy lob is a medium-length cut with jagged and textured ends that complements the style. This style helps to add fullness to the ends of the hair, forming a thicker look without much effort. This hairstyle includes a lot of wavy layers and front fringes. You can either place the fringes side wards or frontwards.

Lob is a long bob, that when assisted by choppy textured layers, it creates beautiful thick hair. The layers attract the focus toward itself. Style your hair in a wavy way to completely shift the focus from the forehead to the waves.

10. Blonde Waves with Highlights

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Colored hair is another way one can shift the focus toward the hair from other facial features. Blonde is the most popular and globally famous hair color that is beautiful and instantly drives the focus to the hair. Blonde waves look great on any length haircut, be it short, medium, or long.

For the highlight, choose a warm color such as caramel or honey or you can even choose sandy gold or vanilla highlight to maintain shine. The waves with blonde hair were enough to drive the focus to the hair, but with the option of the highlight, the focus sits more tightly on the hair and not on the forehead. You may even add more fringes or leave it as it is.

11. Wolf Cut with Spiked Bangs

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A wolf cut is a type of hairstyle that has shorter and thinner hair on the sides and long hair on the back. A wolf cut with bangs is a popular cut for face-framing. There are lots of layered fringes involved with this hairstyle that help to shape the whole face and focus less on the forehead.

The spiked thin to medium bangs that fall halfway through the forehead rightly help to cover the forehead and focus more on the facial features. This hairstyle is trending among females with big foreheads.

12. Bombshell Layer Cut

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A bombshell layer cut is a gorgeous, multiple-layer haircut that can definitely have an impact on your big forehead. The front part of the hair starts with a long fringe, mostly parted in the middle followed by many layers at the back. This hairstyle looks best with long hair.

Creating a voluminous blowout, the deep layers provide a lifted look to the face, and the forehead is rightly covered. To make it even more stylish and impactful, you can highlight the ends of each layer with a bright color.

13. Braids with Wispy Bangs

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Braids are a low-key style you can try on. Wispy bangs are also a great way to disguise your forehead. The overall hairstyle makes you look younger and pretty. Braids with wispy bangs soften the features. The wispy bangs discard the fullness of the forehead and eventually make the face look small.

This is an easy and most veracity hairstyle you can carry during any function. You don’t have to worry about frizzy hair or tight ponytails with braids. They are easy on the hair and on covering the forehead.

14. Curly Bob

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Bob's haircut suits all face and hair types and requires low maintenance. A curly bob is another great hairstyle a female with a big forehead can lean on. Due to the volume and movement of the curls, the face automatically takes a small shape. Not just that, you can style this haircut in an ample way.

Bob can be accompanied with bangs, either side or center, or you can give color to your hair. Try this hairstyle if you have curly hair, to know the benefits. Because a curly bob can minimize the size of your forehead like no other haircut.

15. Highlighted Curtain Bangs

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There is no doubt about the power of curtain bangs. They are hot and can drastically change the look of a person. They are proven to be versatile and globally flattering. Curtain bangs can look amazing on any hair type, whether long, short, layered, or wavy. Highlighted curtain bangs takes eye off the forehead and place it on the highlight.

These curtains can instantly refresh someone’s look and transfer the focus from a big forehead to other features, such as a smile, eyes, or even neck. Apart from that these bangs fit all face shapes. Whether you have a round, diamond, oval, rectangle, or any face shape, curtain bangs are a bang to uplift your look.

16. Messy Bun with Fringe

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Messy Bun is the simplest and quickest hairstyle for everyone. There is no face or no hair type that cannot carry this style. This versatile hairstyle has been popular for ages. When accompanied by fringes, a messy bun takes a chic look. The layers on the front face the focus from the forehead to the neck and shoulder.

You just have to tie your hair into a high ponytail and then secure it well. Then pull out the short hair to let it fall through your cheek or till it touches your shoulder. You can style the bun with some hair clips or even some highlights. This few-step hairstyle might be your favorite to hide your big forehead.

17. Messy Pixie

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Messy Pixie is a short-length classic style with many layers for texture. Messy Pixie complements your look and makes you younger. This hairstyle looks good on almost all face shapes and hair textures. You may add extra layers depending on your preferences and needs.

Known to have lots of charm, messy pixie remains effortless and easy to maintain. The short hair largely covers the forehead and when supported by dense fringe and choppy layers, it can immediately reduce the appearance of a large forehead.

18. Layered Voluminous Curls

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Choose this hairstyle if you want to experiment with the heavy volume created by curly hair to minimize a large forehead. The layers on the style will give your curls an immediate enlargement in volume from the top of the hair. When the hair is voluminous from the top, the focus automatically shifts to the curls.

This hairstyle is for someone who does not prefer bangs. The thick volume of this hairstyle creates a fluffy hairstyle that is truly beautiful. Overall, layered voluminous curls are a great way to achieve a meaningful style for bigger forehead females.

19. Box Braids with Bangs

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It is a known fact that bangs help to cover up a large portion of our head. Bangs could also be styled in many different ways, instead of letting loose, try braiding them. Box braiding is a popular hair styling method among African women. It is a creative way to style your bangs and it helps to stimulate hair growth. You may even add some beads to style along.

These braided bangs that are thicker than loose ones cover the forehead perfectly, and move the attention to the eyes. You can accompany them with loose long hair, ponytails, or even short hair.

20. High Ponytail with Blunt Bangs

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Sometimes, the easiest and most casual look you could try to cover up your big forehead is by choosing a high ponytail with blunt bangs. Mostly due to its daring appearance, one cannot take their eyes off from the sleek bangs. This is a fun and vibrant hairstyle a person with a big forehead can rely on.

You can secure the hair with a tie or hair accessories. Ariana Grande is the prime example of this hairstyle. The hairstyle makes her look fresh and confident, it is because of the versatility that come along this look.

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