20 Stylish Undercut Hair Tattoo Ideas For Girls

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Undercut hair tattoos are one of the most edgy hairstyles for girls. Each of the undercut ideas proposes a unique form to represent your style, nature, and imagination through your hairstyle.

Whether you're attracted to nature-inspired components or abstract patterns, there's a design that can truly make your hairdo a canvas for art by adding lines, geometric designs, or detailed hearts or lotus flowers. Match your preferences with these 20 stylish undercut hair tattoo ideas for girls:

1. Dope Jungle Undercut

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This awesome hairstyle lights up in the festival seasons, like Halloween. Leaving the old colors with roots showing gives this undercut more depth. You may sometimes lose the design on hair a bit that is too fine or not thick enough to carry the shape.

So, leaving it longer with some color gave it a strong layout shape with bold outlines.

2. Wings Side-Shave Undercut

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If you're Bored with your average undercut, try this wings pattern that looks out of this world. Your tattooed hair stands out with a long bob cut or any hairstyle you prefer.

People who choose this hairstyle tend to show their strong, assertive, extremely funny, and bright side. Even wings add significance to your unique style, as they share opinions like freedom, goals, and trust.

3. Triangle Simple Clean Undercut

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This simple triangle undercut hair tattoo design gives your hair a cool and stylish look. This look is perfect if you like to express yourself freely without affecting your professional persona. You can show a different side in your work and personal fun time.

If you have super thick and curly hair, this hairdo gives a satisfying feeling when the breeze hits your neck.

4. Arrows Undercut

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If you are starting to experiment with undercut designs, arrow haircuts are the perfect choice for you. This design is easy and contemporary but adds an attractive visual aspect to the style.

Its edgy style is distinguished by its exceptional structure, which looks like an arrow shape. It involves shaving or trimming complicated patterns into the scalp, forming a specific attention-grasping look.

5. Freestyle Undercut Design

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This playful and extremely versatile cut goes completely unrecognized at work all day, but it makes a huge statement when you go out and have fun. It typically involves trimming intricate designs into the scalp, creating a freestyle distinctive look.

This hairdo is ideal for both sides of your life and personality as it can styled elegantly or messy.

6. Lotus-Inspired Undercut

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If you want a touch of natural beauty, this Lotus flower undercut is an ideal choice. It displays the lotus-like feature with petals attached to it in the undercut area, making it a captivating and complex design.

This haircut will suit those with long or medium hair, and the lotus pattern represents fineness, making it a breathtaking option for those in search of a seamless fusion of nature's charm and coolness.

7. Under The Sea

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If you are a free spirit and want to embrace the magic of the sea, Under The Sea is a stunning undercut that captures the essence of the ocean with waves, seashells, and even tiny marine creatures curved into the hair.

Having such a haircut highlights the volume of the hair and shows off one's facial structure. This style complements medium to long hair, adding a magical vibe.

8. Floral Finesse Undercut

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This detailed design adds an artistic touch to your hairstyle, showcasing blooming flowers and leaves. This style blends intricate floral patterns, assembling a garden-like masterpiece on the undercut.

It's a versatile choice for those who appreciate a delicate and artistic touch improving your medium-length to long hair. If you have this cut as your go-to style, you are someone who believes that a refined look does not create or add problems in life.

9. Autumns Secret Undercut

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Autumn's Undercut Secret pays tribute to fall by using details like acorns, falling leaves, and warm colors to capture the essence of the season. This design features warm tones and falling leaves to seize the beauty of fall.

It's a hidden treasure for the one who wants to bring a piece of autumn with them. It suits medium-length hair, giving a warm and charming appearance.

10. Diamond Undercut

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This diamond triangle undercut incorporates diamond patterns and shapes, adding a bold and sharp look. Geometric accuracy meets edgy style in this design decorated with diamond prints. Perfect for those who want a strong and contemporary look.

Although it suits long and medium hair, when combined with long hair, this is a neat style that you can determine to display with a high bun or conceal by wearing your hair down. 

11. Lovely Heart Shaved Undercut

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For an affectionate spirit, you can turn undercut into a work of art by adding a detailed heart on the sides and back like this. Lovely Heart Shaved Undercut is a cute and romantic choice, with a heart shape or heart-related patterns carved into the undercut.

Perfect for short hair, this sweet and romantic design reveals a heart motif and adds a playful element to your look. You can rock this on Valentine's Day. Don't worry about your long hair, as you can add this charming choice by showing if off with a high bun.

12. Star Undercut

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Add a touch of wonder to your appearance with this celestial option, which unveils your angelic side with stars and constellations carved beneath your hair.

Moreover, you can shine bright with stars while giving a celestial vibe to your hairstyle. It adds enchantment to your style for medium and long hair. For a more stylish appearance for your short hair, etch this design on the side.

13. Glittered Butterfly Undercut

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Welcome nature with artistic glittered butterfly designs, their wings incorporating seamlessly into the rest of the hair like this. To add contrast, you can get something bright for your hairstyle.

It is best on both short and long hair, as it delivers a graceful and artistic element, enhancing your natural beauty. It's a creative statement for those who enjoy the delicate wonders of nature, and the glitter delivers extra shine, which would be perfect for your prom.

14. Swirly Side-Shave Undercut Design

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The Swirly Side-Shave Undercut design is the perfect one to try a cool yet elegant undercut pattern. It involves creating wonderful swirls and curves in your shaved section.

This unique and stylish pattern will look amazing with different vibrant colors. This style complements a diverse range of looks, offering a touch of refinement.

15. Geometric Rose Undercut

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Creating a rose-like masterpiece underneath your head, Geometric Rose undercut merges nature and geometry seamlessly.

With this color, the texture combines rose motifs with sharp lines and angles and delivers a unique fusion of softness and structure. Also, this detailed design adds a creative hint to your hairstyle, complemented by this braid.

16. Geometric Undercut

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In this trendy choice, abstract geometric shapes and lines are detail carved into the undercut. It's a modern option for every hair that adds a contemporary flair and visual attraction with a cool geometric pattern.

This stylish cut proves how quickly bold trendsetters can change style routines.

17. Honeycomb Undercut

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Honeycomb undercut is a unique choice that features hexagonal patterns resembling honeycombs. This design adds a sense of texture and depth to your hair. It's ideal for those who want a typical style.

Suitable for short to long hair, it provides a unique textural dimension to your coif. It is a famous hairstyle as it frames your head completely.

18. Spider Web Undercut

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Don't you feel obsessed with this dope spiderweb beneath the head? For a touch of intrigue, consider a spider web design with its intricate and captivating structure.

This fascinating choice suits your preference, adding an element of mystery. You can add different color textures like this for a unique appearance for Halloween.

19. Animal Print Undercut

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Unleash your wild side with patterns mimicking animal prints like leopard spots or zebra stripes. It's a trendy and bold choice for making a fashion-forward statement.

You can choose colors matching the stain if you have curls like this. If you are an animal lover, you can add the art of your favorite pet too.

20. Snowflake Side Shaved Undercut

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Rock the amazing hair color and design with snowflake vibes at Christmas. This out-of-the-ordinary look is a great example of how undercuts can be worn.

So, embrace the winter magic with these peaceful snowflake patterns, which capture the beauty of snowfall in a precise yet captivating way. If you are about to challenge the winter season, it's perfect with this unique cool-toned hairdo.

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