Gustavo Arnal Net Worth and Wiki As Bed Bath and Beyond CFO

Gustavo Arnal was 52 years old.
Gustavo Arnal was 52 years old.( Source : co )

The Bedbath and Beyond CFO Gustavo Arnal's net worth has been a matter of curiosity after the supposed failure of his company and the declining share value each passing day. 

His name is currently all over the web after he lost his life by jumping off an NYC building. According to the New York Police Department, on September 2, at around 12:30 pm, calls involving the leap began to come in. Notably, the event occurred only two days after the business declared it would close 150 of its roughly 900 locations and lay off 20% of its workforce.   

Gustavo Arnal Net Worth As A Bedbath And Beyond CFO

Gustavo Arnal had been serving as a CFO to Bedbath And Beyond around the peak of the pandemic on May 2020. Before that, he had a number of experience in the same field for many years. If you look at the market summary of the company in the last five years, its fluctuation is significant. However, the fall can be clearly seen. 

It was more like the Bedbath got Arnal on board to revive it and bring it back to the track. Alas! Things did not pan out accordingly. The red color did not fade away at all, which got everybody in trouble. reports that on August 16th, Gustavo Arnal sold his 42,513 shares of company stock for just over $1 million. In 2020, Gustavo Arnal started working for Bed Bath & Beyond.

Bedbath and Beyond
Bedbath and Beyond ( Source : barrons )

According to,  Arnal earned $2.9 million from Bed Bath & Beyond in 2021, with $7,75,000 of that coming from salary and the rest from stock awards. He owned 267,896 shares in the business at the time, which were worth a little under USD 6.5 million.

Gustavo fell off from the Jenga Building, an 821-foot-tall 60-story luxury building in Tribeca, Manhattan, New York City, which is the tallest building in the neighborhood. Numerous celebrities have their homes in it, which range in price from $3.5 million to $50 million.

Calculating all his earnings over the years, Gustavo Arnal's net worth was around half a billion. His previous works also help him increase his total assets. Hence, with an experience of over two decades, he was a wealthy man.

Gustavo Arnal Wikipedia And Career Details

Gustavo Arnal started his career at Proctor and Gamble, where he was in different positions at various locations for 20 long years. In 1997, he was the CFO in Sau Paulo Area, Brazil. After working there for seven years, he got into Ohio and Cincinnati and served it for two years. 

In 2007, he was the Global finance manager in Personal beauty in the same company. Next year, he went to the Geneva area in Switzerland for the Global fabric and home center. 

Gustavo Arnal was a chief financial officer.
Gustavo Arnal was a chief financial officer. ( Source : barrons )

Til 2017, he was focused on the same company in Switzerland before he finally decided to take a leave and go for better opportunities. In July of the same year, he got to a pharmaceutical company in London, Walgreens Boots Alliance in the International Divisions and the Global Function. 

By the end of 2018, he was in Avon, and then he got his last job at Bedbath, where he worked for more than two years. There are speculations that Gustavo was fired before his death, but they remain rumors for now.

Mr. Arnal had a mechanical engineering undergraduate degree from the Universidad Simon Bolivar and a master's degree in finance from the Metropolitan University.

Gustavo Arnal Wife And Family Details

Gustavo Arnal's wife has stayed out of the media attention, especially after the horrific incident. The family has decided not to discuss his passing apart from the concerned authorities. Although it is well known that Gustavo and his wife had two daughters, they have never let the public in on their private life.

Gustavo Arnal with his wife and children
Gustavo Arnal with his wife and children ( Source : dailymail )

Considering his fall from the New York apartment, Arnal lived with his better half and children in the same place. Many have speculated that his wife may have been aware of the issue her husband was facing prior to his decision to commit suicide.

Further, authentic sources are yet to come up with the personal details of the CFO.

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