15 Ways Green Tea Can Improve Your Health and Well-Being

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From boosting your immune system to fighting cancer, green tea is a powerful beverage. In comparison to coffee and other caffeine-involved drinks, Green Tea is surely the healthiest drink. Green, white and oolong are processed in different ways.

Green tea is unfermented or less oxidized and has high polyphenols, a group of antioxidants. This factor makes it the most famous tea. The right time to drink green tea is between meals, to boost metabolism and burn calories. Here are 15 ways Green Tea can improve your health and well-being:

1. Antioxidant Powerhouse

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Green tea consists of catechin (a natural antioxidant) and a type of polyphenol. Catechin helps to prevent cell damage and renders several other benefits. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), abundantly found in green tea, has many health benefits.

Antioxidants play an important role in the human body. It is a disease-fighting element that assists the body to fight against illnesses. Our body produces free radicals and unstable molecules. Antioxidants defend the effects of these molecules by balancing them from the bloodstream. It is good for eye health, brain functioning, and several health problems.

2. Natural Detoxifier

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Green tea is a natural detoxifier, and energizer, and provides an antioxidant boost to your health. It helps to eliminate toxins from the body and improves overall health. The tea is rich in dietary flavonoids. Flavonoids help to detoxify the toxins by removing the free radicals from the body.

Moreover, these detoxifying component available in green tea changes the detoxification route in the body, resulting in reduced levels of unwanted toxins in the body. So better consume green tea after heavy meals to ease your bloating. You can add some herbs for better result.

3. Improves Heart Health

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Another way green tea can improve health and overall well-being is by improving heart health. Some teas help to stay energized, while others help you calm and improve your health.

Studies have shown that frequent consumption of green tea leads to the widening of artery passage, which helps the blood to flow efficiently, therefore reducing the risk of blood clots. It is also believed that consuming seven or more cups of green tea as compared to one cup on a daily basis can reduce the chance of heart diseases such as blood pressure and lipids by 75%.

4. Improves Cognitive Function

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Green Tea intake is known to improve cognitive functions, which is typically associated with memory and executive function. It helps to improve focus, support attention, and improve mood. It is because of the compounds such as caffeine and L-theanine found in green tea.

A study conducted by NLB has found that it may improve cognitive function by 64 percent in middle-aged or older adults. The smell of the tea release a sense of calmness and freshness.

5. Lowers Bad Cholesterol

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Green tea is also associated with reducing the amount of bad cholesterol in your body. Polyphenols present in green tea have an important role in cholesterol levels. Plant-based micronutrient, Polyphenols manage a steady flow of the bloodstream and in that process, it evicts the bad cholesterol from the body.

Studies show that catechins and other antioxidant compounds present in green tea diminish bad cholesterol while maintaining the good ones. Two to six cups of green tea a day may help maintain a body free from bad cholesterol.

6. Manage Blood Sugar Levels

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Micronutrients such as Polyphenols and Polysaccharides found in green tea are associated with managing lower blood sugar levels. Polyphenols do the work of altering the process our body receives glucose, which helps balance the liver’s glucose production and eventually lowers the blood sugar level.

Though the study has not proven the consumption of green tea completely reduces blood sugar level, there is no denying the fact that in some ways green tea reduces the level to some extent and prevent type 2 diabetes and obesity.

7. Protects Skin

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Another crucial and most loved benefit so green tea that attracts many females is, that green tea improves your skin. Loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, green tea is proven to reduce inflammation and protect the skin from external damage. You can either drink or apply green tea on your skin.

Consuming regular green tea can protect the skin from harmful UV rays and help reduce acne and its scars. Apart from that green tea has the capability to prevent some types of skin cancers, such as melanoma and non-melanoma.

8. Maintains Weight

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The main components responsible for maintaining a healthy weight are Catechin, caffeine, and theanine found in green tea. Having said that, it does not reduce weight rapidly. Instead, the catechin releases enzymes that speed up your metabolism which makes you feel less hungry and eventually manages the weight.

Another way, it maintains weight is by breaking down the dietary fats in the body. Four or more cup of green tea helps to speed up the metabolism and in this way, it manages a healthy weight.

9. Improves Bone Density

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It is said that the polyphenols present in green tea is efficient to protect the risk of osteoporosis. Moreover, it is believed to reduce the risk of hip fractures. The EGCG present in green tea plays a crucial role in building strong bones and decreasing the risk of fractures.

Three cups of green tea can help you achieve this benefit. Therefore, the bioactive factors of green tea are responsible for improving the mineral density of bone and assisting the activity of bone formation.

10. Upgrades Ocular Health

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A flavonoid called gallocatechin is an essential eye-supporting nutrient found in maximum quantity in green tea. Flavonoids, the phytochemical compounds are stored in the retina which protects the eye from harmful blue light. The compounds travel all the way from your digestive system to the eye tissues at a speedy rate and improve immunity.

Two other crucial antioxidants, Zeaxanthin and Lutein are also found in green tea in small quantities. Apart from consuming green tea, you can place the cold tea bag in your closed eyes to improve circulation and promote nutrients in the eyes.

11. Improves Immunity

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Another way green tea has proven to be a super drink is because it strengthens the immune system. It does so by protecting the body from oxidants and radicals. EGCG protects the cells from damage. You may add some lemon juice to the tea to receive vitamin C and a new taste.

Green tea being a powerful beverage with loaded nutrients is sure to boost your immune system which ultimately results in better health and well-being. Therefore, add green tea to your regular diet and step toward healthy living.

12. Protects the Brain from Aging

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Another significant benefit of the way green tea has proven to be a boon for human health is that it protects the brain from aging. The brain is responsible for the overall functioning of a human being. An active brain leads a long way while a dull and unhealthy brain contributes negative effects on the body.

Green tea offers neuroprotective effects and guards the brain from age-related decline. It boosts the creation of new brain cells and neural connections. Apart from that it also decreases the risk of neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

13. Possibly Reduces the Risk of Some Cancers

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Even though it has not been fully proven to reduce the risk of cancer, there are some mixed and inconsistent studies that link green tea with reduced levels of some cancers. Such cancers are lung, ovarian, and even mouth cancer.

Research shows some slight improvement in people with cancer who consumed green tea rather than those who didn’t. It may be because of the nutritious components present in green tea.

14. Supports Nervous System

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Supporting the nervous system is another excellent benefit of this amazing drink. The L-theanine amino acid found in green tea renders a calming and soothing effect on the nervous system. The caffeine present in it may enhance the nervous system to boost mental awareness and eventually have some effect on the metabolism.

The component L-theanine also helps to reduce anxiety and make you feel more relaxed and calm. Next time you feel drowsiness or lazy, drink a cup of green to activate all your senses.

15. Improves Oral Health

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From improving hair health to overall health, green tea also focuses on improving oral health. The hot green tea loaded with many micronutrients when runs through your mouth, improves your oral health too. It fights the bacteria that are responsible for cavities, reduces inflammation, nourishes gums, and even remineralizes the poor enamel.

However, remember to brush your tea properly, or else you will have some stained teeth. Removing the bacteria from your mouth, it keeps your tongue clean and maintains fresh breath.

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