How Many Children Does Grant Denyer Have? Explore The Family Tree Of The Motor Racing Driver

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With his beloved wife, Cheryl Rogers, whom he married in 2010, Grant Denyer has three wonderful children. Sailor Denyer, Scout Denyer, and Sunday Mary Mae Denyer are their names.

As for the details of Grant Denyer, he is a Bathurst-based Australian television and radio broadcaster and motor racing driver who has worked for a number of television networks, including Seven Network and Network 10, largely as a presenter.

He got a Gold Logie Award for Most Popular Australian Television Personality in 2018.

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How Many Children Does Grant Denyer Have? 

Grant Denyer has three beautiful daughters with his beloved wife, Cheryl Rogers, who he married in the year 2010.

Their names are Sailor Denyer, Scout Denyer, and Sunday Mary Mae Denyer.

Here is the picture of Grant Denyer and Cheryl Roger's children.

On the contrary, due to privacy concerns, their personal details are kept confidential. 

Meet Grant Denyer Daughter Sunday Mary Mae Denyer 

Sunday Mary Mae Denyer was born in the year 2021, amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic.

When she was born, she gained about 3.24 kg/ 7 lb, 2.5 oz. She is an intelligent and lively child.

The family also stated how she had to keep Sunday's birth a secret until her sisters, Sailor and Scout, were able to see their newborn sister. This was because of the tight COVID-19 restriction in the hospital.

Explore Sunday Mary Mae Denyer Photos On Instagram

You can explore more of Sunday Mary Mae Denyer, Grant's daughter, on his Instagram account.

As a family man, he shares numerous pictures of his daughters out of gratitude.

Here is one of the pictures of Sunday Mary Mae Denyer, captured right after her birth.

Grant Denyer's Instagram handle name is @grantdenyer. The verified user has amassed over 284 thousand followers along with 2391 posts.

Grant Denyer Career Details Revealed

As for the career details of Grant Denyer, in 2005, he made his debut with Dick Johnson Racing. In the same year, he was named Mike Kable Rookie of the Year after finishing in the top 10 in his rookie season.

Fast forward to the year 2015, he also raced in the Australian GT Championship with Maranello Motorsport but switched to Tekno Autosports' McLaren 650S in 2016, occasionally in collaboration with car owner and eventual 2016 Bathurst 1000 winner Jonathon Webb.

Then, Denyer and Nathan Morcom won the Australian Endurance Championship, an offshoot of the GT Championship, in 2016.

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