Is God Is A Bullet Based On A True Story? The Boston Teran Story

God is a Bullet is a new movie based on a novel.
God is a Bullet is a new movie based on a novel. ( Source : instagram )

Yes, God is a Bullet is based on the true story by Boston Teran. The movie is adapted from his book of the same name.

God is a Bullet is an upcoming American action thriller movie along with elements of violence in the movie.

The movie revolves around a detective who finds his ex-wife murdered while his daughter has been kidnapped. He tries to find the murderer behind it and knows about insidious cults.

With no new development on his daughter's kidnapping case, the detective takes matters into his hand to completely obliterate the cult. During his investigation, he finds Case.

The only female victim of the cult who managed to escape from the hell. Now, both of them go back for the sweet revenge that had been afflicted on them.

The movie was directed and written by Nick Cassavetes. The movie stars actors such as Jamie Foxx, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Maika Monroe and January Jones.

God Is A Bullet True Story Explained

God is a Bullet is based on a true story written by Boston Teran. Though not all the elements of the story are true.

In the book and the movie, the story revolves around a detective whose ex-wife has been murdered and his daughter has been kidnapped. But the real story is not based on a detective.

According to the Boston Teran website, it was the author who took the journey to find a girl. The author himself had been searching for the girl who had escaped from the cult.

On this journey to find the girl, the author sometimes had to put his life at risk to tell the award-winning story to be told to the general public.

In the trailer of the soon-to-be-released movie, we can see the girl who had escaped from the cult had taken the detective to The Ferryman. But the real story is also different.

Jamie Foxx plays the role of The Ferryman in the movie.
Jamie Foxx plays the role of The Ferryman in the movie. ( Source : youtube )

Donald Allen who is the close friend and business advisor of the author had introduced The Ferryman to him and was part of the reason for the author's journey.

During his dangerous and life-threatening journey, the author kept his letters and diaries which have been used as a reference for the novel God is a Bullet and how the story came to be.

Different from the book and movie, there are many characters in the movie that had not been mentioned in the book.

Meanwhile, Case Hardin is shown in the movie's real-life name Rose. It is her daughter that was kidnapped and suffered.

According to the author, Hughes is also the reason that God is a Bullet is made as a novel and movie. As he was the one who brought them out of Mexico.

The story is based of the author real life event.
The story is based of the author real life event. ( Source : twitter )

Another version of the story for the movie is that the author had a dangerous and life-threatening experience during his stay in Thailand's violent dive bar.

According to Collider, Teran watched a man under the influence of drugs and alcohol begin to write something on the wall, making it look like a line of graffiti.

He was intrigued by what was written. So, later he asked the man to translate the message into English.

The man told him, 'God is a bullet right to the head. You start to feel better the minute you're "dead".' This quote of the man stuck to his head and thus the name of the book and the movie.

Where was God is a Bullet Filmed?

God is a Bullet movie was filmed in Mexico City and Bonzana Creek Ranch. The ranch is situated in Santa Fe.

The new movie God is a Bullet directed by Nick Cassavetes has been filmed in the United States and Mexico. The description of the book presents the event happening in the regions of Mexico.

According to Daily Mail UK, the movie was shot for 41 days in Mexico but the production had made their preparation in four months. They had followed all the isolation protocols to the letter.

For Jamie Foxx's scene, the crew had to film the location in New Mexico. He was only available briefly to take his shot in the movie.

So, Bonanza Creek Ranch in Santa Fe had a similar characteristic to the location described in the book.

Bonanza Creek Ranch was used to shot the part of Jamie Fox character.
Bonanza Creek Ranch was used to shot the part of Jamie Fox character.( Source : instagram )

The movie was filmed in Santa Fe to be the backdrop of this feature film. New Mexico Film Office director Amber Dodson said the production team utilized the iconic ranch.

The movie production started in May 2021. With the regular movie production going on, the movie would have ended in July.

But with the last five days remaining in the shooting, the production had to pause the shooting for some time.

According to Deadline, the director Nick and many other members of the production team were infected by the coronavirus. Thus who tested positive, were vaccinated.

Besides them, all five members of the production team of the movie were also detected to be infected with the virus. The infected quarantined according to DGA and SAG protocols.

Only around July 31, the production slowly began to start up, completing the remaining five-day shooting.

God Is A Bullet Movie Release Date

God is a Bullet release date is on June 23, 2023. But the movie has a limited release on June 23.

For the distribution of the movie, a new distribution company has been selected, which is quite interesting because usually the distribution right is given to a reputed distribution company.

Actor Ethan plays one of the villainous role in the movie.
Actor Ethan plays one of the villainous role in the movie.( Source : instagram )

Wayward Entertainment has received the right for distribution within the United States. However, XYZ Films has the sales right for worldwide.

Another interesting thing about the company is that God is a Bullet is the company's first theatrical release in limited theaters.

Meanwhile, Selecta Vision for Spain, Paradiz for Russia, Falcon Films for Lebanon, Middle East and North Africa and VVS Films for Canada have been selected for movie distribution.

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