Who Is Glen Casada Married To? Details About His Wife And Family

Former Tennessee House Speaker, Glen Casada
Former Tennessee House Speaker, Glen Casada( Source : wkrn )

On Tuesday morning, American politician and former Tennessee House Speaker from 2019 Glen Casada got arrested with federal corruption charges, including bribery and money laundering.

The 63year old politician has kept his wife and children out of the spotlight, but now with his latest scandal, the netizens are curious to know where his wife and children stand on this new scandal Glen is a part of.

Let us learn more about the politician's married life, wife, children, other family members and background, and net worth.

Is Glen Casada Married? His Ex-Wife Jill

Glen Casada is not currently married to anyone, but he was married to his ex-wife, Jill Sholar Casada, but the two got divorced in 2017.

The politician did not share details regarding their wedding date, but during his earlier years as a politician, Casada's wife always supported him during his campaigns.

Jill and Glen were often spotted together when he was a Tennessee House of Representatives member from the 63rd district.

Glen Casada with his former wife, Jill and their granddaughter
Glen Casada with his former wife, Jill and their granddaughter ( Source : williamsonherald )

The divorce of the two was a bit messy, but they managed to stay on each other's good side, with the lawmaker paying $4000 a month as alimony to his former partner.

However, issues rose again as Glen got caught up in misogynistic scandals leading him to lose his job at Merck's pharmaceutical company. He appealed to stop paying alimony to his ex-wife on accounts of being unemployed.

The case dragged on with accusations of the politician not informing his ex about the conditions and reasons for his appeal, but the court ultimately halted his alimony payments.

Now that another scandal with federal charges against him caught up with the politician, his reputation has only worsened.

Children And Family Of The Politician

Glen Casada has four children with his ex-wife, Jill Sholar Casada, and six grandchildren, making him a part of a huge family of himself. Born to parents Richard Casada and Karen Casada, the 63-year-old politician seems to have supportive parents and children.

During his first House session after his election as a Tennessee House Speaker, most of his family, including his parents, sister, kids, and grandkids.

Glen Casada with his family during his House election speech
Glen Casada with his family during his House election speech ( Source : bloximages )

The politician adores his grandchildren as he often posts their pictures on his social media, and they are often seen at his significant events to support their loving grandfather.

However, with the recent scandals, the family must be shocked to see their respected family member arrested for corruption charges.

Glen Casada's Net Worth Revealed

Former Tennessee House of Representatives Speaker Glen Casada has a net worth of approximately $1.5 million. The politician worked for the famous pharmaceutical company Merck for years as an animal pharmaceutical salesperson.

Besides that, his political career has also been treated the politician well until his recent indictment for money laundering and bribery charges.

According to the Department of Justice, Glen Casada could get charged with up to 20 years of prison punishment. Also, the court may fine Casada for charges of laundering during his years as a politician and a representative.

The politician will not be able to get another job at this age, and worse comes to worst, he will be penalized and arrested for the charges.  

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