Who Is Gianna Gomez? Parents And Siblings Details- Meet Her On Instagram

Gianna Gomez is a young actress, and she is a multi-talented individual. She had started as a child actor, and the young lady has grown up to be a beautiful actress. Learn more about her below.

Gianna Gomez is a young actress, and she is also a dancer, gymnast, and entrepreneur. She has accomplished a phenomenal feat at such a young age. She has appeared in over 24 films, and she even got nominated at three different film festivals.

The young actress' latest appearance is in the hit television series 9-1-1.

Actress Gianna Gomez Parents Details Explored

There is currently no information about Gianna Gomez's parents.

While the actress has achieved wide-reaching fame and success, she hasn't talked about her personal life much.

Gianna is currently 17 years old, and she was born in 2004. Furthermore, her IMDb states Chinese, Cuban, Filipino, Italian, Lebanese ethnicity. Naturally so, her family seems to have a diverse group of characters.

However, Gianna is American by nationality, and she grew up in Los Angelos, CA. Also, her entire family is active in the entertainment industry, as stated by her IMDb profile.

Does Actress Gianna Gomez Have Siblings?

As mentioned above, Gianna hasn't revealed much about her personal life, and it is unknown if she has any siblings.

However, old photos of her from back in 2013 show her with children around her age. While it is unconfirmed, they could be her siblings or maybe relatives.

Her current Instagram doesn't feature anyone except herself.

Gianna was very talented since she was young, and she started dancing at the age of four. 

At seven years old, Gianna was also the youngest to receive the Highest Score in Tremaine Dance Convention.

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Gianna Gomez Height Details And Everything To Know About Her

There is no exact information about Gianna Gomez's height. However, her height looks to be around 5'5 to 5'7.

The actress is just 17 years old, and she may grow a few inches in the future.

Gianna is an actress best known for her works in New Girl (2011), Catching Fireflies (2015), and Fresh Off the Boat (2015).

She also got nominated for the Cinerockom International for her role as Isabella in Catching Fireflies. She has also won three awards in different film festivals for that same role.

In addition, her full name is Gianna Soria Gomez.

Meet Gianna Gomez On Instagram

Gianna Gomez goes by the name @giannaagomez on her Instagram account.

She has about 69.2k followers and a total of 44 posts.

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