Geo Lee Age And Wikipedia- What Is His Net Worth In 2022?

Discover the age of actor and producer Geo Lee, best known for his role as Strongly on The Fairly OddParents.

In the adventure drama The Fairly OddParents, Roy Ragland and Vivian "Viv" Turner travel to Dimmsdale with the aid of their fairy godparents.

Clear Talent Group – Adult Commercials is one of the agencies representing the five-foot and ten-inch tall actors (CA). Let's take a closer look at the actor's life.

Geo Lee Age Revealed

Geo Lee is a 41-year-old actor. His father, Paul Lee, and mother, Mrs. Lee, gave birth to him.

He was born in China on June 17, 1991. The actor posted an Instagram message to his parents on their special day.

Geo considers himself fortunate to have been born into a family with such loving and supportive parents.

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Is Geo Lee On Wikipedia?

Geo Lee doesn't have his own official Wikipedia page. He has appeared in almost a half-dozen TV episodes for six different TV shows. 

In addition to performing, he also works as a producer and a writer. Among his completed projects, 002-Dica Cup was the most well-received.

He is also a dancer who loves to work with SeventhGrade (Geo Lee and Chuck Maa) on videos.

Geo Lee Net Worth In 2022

In his acting and producing careers, Geo Lee has made a fair living. Lee's net worth is believed to be over one million dollars.

His job demands a lot of his time. Bloody Bright and Hollywood Stargirl, two of his forthcoming films, are now in post-production.

His cash flow will improve in the following days because he is still working in the field.

Meet Geo Lee On Instagram

Geo Lee is active on Instagram under the ID name @itsgeolee. He has over 1500 followers on his account.

For a long time, Geo Lee has been in a good relationship with Lillian Fu. He frequently shares photos of his significant other on Instagram.

Lee wishes Lillian a happy birthday and adds that she makes him the happiest. Fu is a professional dancer and costume designer. As a wardrobe stylist and costume designer, she makes a respectable living.

Lilian is a dog enthusiast who frequently posts photos of her dog, Robeebo, on Instagram.

What Is Geo Lee Ethnicity?

Based on his features, Geo appears to be of mixed Asian and American heritage. The actor's tribe is unknown since his parents' origins are unclear.

The tall and attractive actor inherited his DNA from his parents.

Despite the fact that their occupation is unknown, they may have made enough money to nurture their kid and send him on to a successful career.

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