Who Is Gavinin Anasi? Pablo Gavi Mum In The Middle Of The Shakira and Gerald Pique Cheating Rumors

Young Spanish footballer Pablo Gavi's mother Gavinin Anasi is currently in her 30s. She was caught with an older footballer Gerlad Pique in a locker room which is rumored to be the sole reason behind the split between him and Shakira.

Gerard Piqué Bernabeu is a Spanish professional footballer who now represents La Liga club Barcelona as a center-back. He is regarded as one of his generation's top defenders.

Given how favorably most Barcelona fans regard Pique's relationship with Shakira, the revelation of him cheating on her comes as a shock to many.

Who Is Gavinin Anasi? Pablo Gavi Mum/Mother Age

Gavinin Anasi is named as the mother of 17-year-old Spanish football player Pablo Gavi. She was apparently caught in a locker room with Pique which sparked rumors of him cheating on his wife Shakira. 

The lady whose name was not known till yesterday has become a household name considering her connection with two big personalities. She is the mother of a renowned footballer and an alleged girlfriend of another footballer Gerald Pique. 

Pique is 35 years old and looking at his age, Gavinin is also speculated to be around the same age. even though her birth details are unknown at the moment, her son was born on August 5, 2004, in  Los Palacios y Villafranca, Spain.

Similarly, Gerald was born on February 2, 1987, in Barcelona, Spain.

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Gerald Pique Cheating Rumors With Shakira Explained

Things don't appear to be going well between the pop star Shakira and footballer Gerald Pique right now, as Pique has returned to his bachelor pad on Calle Muntaner in Barcelona. Several neighbors in the building have observed Pique arrive and go during the previous week, according to El Periodico.

He's also claimed to have been out enjoying the nightlife in Barcelona with his friend Riqui Puig and his gang of pals.

Pique isn't in the marital house since Shakira discovered him with another lady, according to the story. This is why Pique and Shakira have decided to split up for the time being, according to El Periodico, while also implying that the Barcelona defender's partying has gotten out of hand.

Now, the name of the woman has also been revealed and fans are horrified by Pique's action. Twitter is raging over the fact that anyone can actually cheat on someone like Shakira.

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