Galey Alix Net Worth As A Regional Director In Goldman Sachs

The internet celebrity is reaching out for her own tv show in HGTV.
The internet celebrity is reaching out for her own tv show in HGTV. ( Source : instagram )

Galey Alix has a net worth of $2.5 million as a designer, vice president at an Investment Advisory Firm and regional director for Golden Sachsman. 

Galey Alix Gravenstein, the new social media influencer, has been the hype among homeowners around the state of Florida.

Galey has a reputation for upholding homeowners' expectations in renovating their homes more than they ever thought of. 

And every time homeowners look at their new home surroundings, they are amazed by her talent and are proud of their decisions.

This has led to her huge fan followings on her social media such as Instagram and TikTok.

Now, every month she takes up to two renovations work and spends 72 hours of her weekend to satisfy her customer's desires. 

While she does have her romance with her DIY projects on weekends, on weekdays she works as the Vice President and Regional Director for Goldman Sachs Asset Management. 

Galey Alix Net Worth

Galey Alix Gravenstein has a reported net worth of $2.5 million. Her earnings come from multiple sources.

According to Meaww, the internet star was estimated to have more than $2.5 million net worth in 2022.

During that time, she had only been working as a home decor designer for her fans and as a Regional Director for Goldman Sachs. 

Her work with Goldman Sachs has been going on for more than a decade as she had been part of the company. There is no detail on what she worked initially for the company but she had stepped on the corporate ladder and reached in high position. 

She left the job with Goldman Sachs for some time in 2020, but she later rejoined them in the same position.

According to Salary, the average salary for Regional Director ranges from $310,157 to $470,769 with an average of $371,786.

Galey has managed to balance her passion as well as day job
Galey has managed to balance her passion as well as day job( Source : instagram )

The whole salary has a variable consisting of compensation packages, pay gap between men and women, employee flight risk and job openings for the specific role.

Since Gravenstein had been working with the company for more than a decade, her salary should be above average, being somewhere around $470,000. 

Other than that, the regional director also began to work on decorating the house she had bought which brought her thousands of views in 2018.

Then slowly, she began to take clientele for the purpose as many people were eager to have their homes decorated similarly. 

Now, her passion for designing and decorating rooms has become a side job she loves as her financing job.

According to Vogue Australia, she has an estimated yearly income of $856,165 just from her side hustle. 

Now that she has also started a new show with HGTV, her earning is sure to be supported.

Galey Alix Career In Goldman Sachs

Galey Alix Gravenstein relationship with Goldman Sachs has been going on for more than a decade. And it is still going strong. 

The internet star and celebrity Galey graduated from Oak Hall High School in Gainesville, Florida.

Later she attended the University of Florida where she graduated with her bachelor's in Business Studies in Public Relations in 2007. 

After graduating, she joined some PR-related jobs in other places but that did not hold her for a long time.

When she had the opportunity to work at Goldman Sachs with no financial experience, she jumped at the given opportunity. 

The star even transformed her work environment at Goldman Sachs.
The star even transformed her work environment at Goldman Sachs.( Source : instagram )

Though no prior experience in such jobs before, she continued to learn and began to climb the social ladder of the company in a slow and steady manner.

After being with the company for more than half a decade, she began to reach the position she reigns today. 

Her position in the company slowly reached the Vice President and Regional Director where she served individual brokers and dealers and financial advisors.

Among her investment specialties, she was proficient in mutual funds, structured notes, alternatives investments, and portfolio constructions. 

Around 2020, she was in a relationship with her ex-fiance and had been engaged to each other for about a year time.

So, to move with her soon-to-be husband to Connecticut and have her wedding, she resigned from the job she loved dearly. 

But weeks before her wedding, she became clear that the man she loved didn't love her back.

She had revealed that she had been struggling with an eating disorder with her ex-fiance and asked for help in finding a local therapist. 

The reality star is an avid dog lover and has two of her own.
The reality star is an avid dog lover and has two of her own. ( Source : instagram )

But instead of helping her and giving any comfort, her ex-fiance told her that she was lying to him. Within an hour of the conversation, she left the person, packed her bag, got her 2 dogs and moved back to Florida. 

After getting herself some treatment, she felt calmer and felt she was no longer out of control. Later, she was given the opportunity to return back to Goldman Sachs in her previous position. 

Since then, she has continued to work with the organization even though she is earning more from her DIY decor.

How Galey Alix Makes Her Money?

Galey Alix is making her money through her design work, her Regional Director position at Goldman Sachs and her new HGTV show. 

Galey has been working with Goldman Sachs for more than a decade now already. So, with her long years of experience with the company, she is being paid around a high-level salary paid to any experienced director. 

She is paid about $440,000 per year at Goldman Sachs. That roughly goes about $36,000 which equals to $225 dollars an hour. In her position that is indeed a high-paying job. 

Then her side hustle which she loves to do is designing the room and decorating rooms for clients as per her wish. And clients are happy with the transformation of their rooms. 

Galey's own show has premiered on HGTV.
Galey's own show has premiered on HGTV.( Source : instagram )

Gravenstein earns an estimated about $856,000 per year from her decor side business. As she has to finish her work within 72 hours of the time she is given, she only does this kind of twice per month.

She earns about $71,000 per month. That means she earns about $580 dollars per hour during her three days side project.

Now, she has also been signed by HGTV for her new show to provide an 8-episodes season.

As this is her first time hosting a new show, she would be provided about $8,000 to $10,000 per episode whose equivalent total sum is about $64,000 to $80,000 per season. 

There is still some shortfall in the information about the internet celebrity, but from the information available on the internet, the regional director makes quite a sum. 

Some FAQs

What Is Galey Alix Gravenstein Age?

Galey Alix age is 37 years old. She was born on 2nd November 1985, in Gainsville, Florida.

Why Does Galey Alix Wear A Baseball Cap?

Galey Alix weara A Baseball Cap Because she wants the focus of her fans to be at the thing she created, not at how good she looks. 

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