Gabrielle Anwar

Gabrielle Anwar -

The very beautiful and gorgeous Gabrielle Anwar is an English actress. She was born in February 4, 1970 at Laleham. She is the daughter of Tariq Anwar and his wife Shirley Anwar. Her parents had history with film industry. Her mother was a veteran actress and her dad was a film producer. So it’s no surprise that Gabrielle chose to pursue her career in Hollywood. She always had an interest with theaters. She attended Italia Conti Academy of theater Arts in London. She has acted in numerous movies but she is best remembered for her role in Scent of a Woman which was released in the year 1992 and also for her role as Fiona Glenanne in USA’s hit series Burn Notice. The details about her film biography are well traced in Wiki.

The pretty Anwar stands tall at five feet and three inches tall. She might not have been blessed with great height but she definitely is a power house when it comes to acting. It is unbelievable that even at the age forty, she manages to look young. She is a mother of three children and she is in the perfect shape like never before. She never had weight issues. She looks hot and she knows how to flaunt her assets. Her picture gallery circulated in the several internet sites as the evident for the same.

She rocks in a bikini. Her viewers had a pleasant shocked when she showed off her beautiful body in teeny weenie bikini in one of her television series. Her figure looked perfectly sculpted. Her legs were absolutely toned and in short she just looked amazing for a woman of forty years of age. She definitely can give ladies at their twenties run for their money. However, she is rumored to have had a plastic surgery. It is speculated that she had undergone knife for her nose job.

She married her husband John Verea during eighties and has two children together; Hugo and Paisley Verea. They could not last their marriage long and the couples divorced shortly after. She then found new love with Craig Sheffer. They dated each other through late eighties. She had her third child with him. It was a baby girl this time and they named her Willow Paisley. Sadly, their relationship did not work out either and they decided to call it off. It is believed that she has been going out with her new boyfriend Shareef Malnik since 2010. 

She is a famous celebrity and she has earned herself admirers everywhere. Because of that her fake nude pictures are found circulated in the sites. They hold no truth behind that. She has a twitter account and the readers can follow her there and get up-close with Gabrielle Anwar.