Where Is Gabriel March Granados Now?

Gabriel March Granados's whereabouts are not known. However, his name and pictures keep surfacing on social media, especially where there are facts related posts.

He is the person who has received the longest prison sentence in history. He failed to deliver 42,784 mails, opened 35,718 of them, and took their contents worth 50,000 euros.

As a result, he was charged with thousands of fraud charges, wrongful appropriation of papers (one per undelivered letter), and theft. As a result, the prosecutor requested an exceptional 384,912 years in prison and a 19-million-euro (2010 value) fine. 

On the other hand, the judge declined to impose such a long punishment. Thus, he sentenced the defendant to seven years in prison for theft and fraud and two months in prison for wrongful document appropriation.

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Did Gabriel March Granados Get Longest Prison Sentence?

Yes, Gabriel March Granados got the longest prison sentence. Some sources say that he has made his name into the Guinness world record from this sentence. 

The judge sentenced him to 384,912 years because he failed to deliver over 40k mails, opened over 35k of them, and took their contents. However, his sentence was later reduced to 14 years, and he did make a name for himself. 

The Spanish man usually appears on social media posts these days where the fact about him is stated. Many people think it is unjust to give him such a long sentence in the first place, whereas some make sarcastic remarks such as "he had one job" or "Who wants to break the record"?  

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What Were The Arrest Charges On Gabriel March Granados?- What Did He Do?

Gabriel March Granados's arrest charges were 42,768 crimes of infidelity in the custody of documents and theft. According to Royal Mail Chat, he worked as an interim urban postman in the Mallorcan post office on January 28, 1968, when he was 18 years old.

He stayed in that position for more than two years until he was fired on March 31, 1970, after discovering several anomalies in his work. Palma de Mallorca's post office decided to report the discrepancies.

After months of investigation, the Provincial Court of Palma de Mallorca prosecutor filed charges against him for stealing contents and not delivering them.