Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss Before and After Surgery

Sidibe went through laparoscopic bariatric surgery in order to manage her weight after she was diagnosed with type II diabetes. After that operation, she lost around 150 pounds and weight 100lbs.

However, it appears that she has gained some weight since then. After surgery, she was seen undergoing exercise to maintain good health. Her struggle with obesity is a great motivation for many people.

Many people can learn from her struggles because, despite her limitations, she managed to reach a prominent position in the movie industry. She has discussed having difficulties and mockery she received because of obesity.

She used gat mocked by her own father, sibling, and her friends. Although she acted to be cool with it, it was always a great pressure for her to endure. She has been diagnosed with an eating disorder, bulimia, and depression.

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Gabourey Sidibe Husband & Wedding Dress

Gabourey's partner is Brandon Frankel. The couple met each other through a dating app and fell in love. Brandon works as a talent manager with Cameo. The couple announced their engagement in 2020.

Gabourey has been challenging every convention with her position. Recently, she decided to go with unconventional wedding dresses that are different than regular white grown. She says that she does not want to be part of the tradition.

People are loving her courage to do styles without any restrictions on her own unique way. People can catch up in the latest edition of Bride magazine, where she can be seen rocking in a yellow dress and wearing converse.

People can get a glimpse of her life on Instagram, where she goes by the handle name gabby3shabby with more than 1,9 million followers. She has also uploaded pictures and videos of her with her partner.