Gabby Love After Lockup Plastic Surgery Procedures Keeps Confusing People

Gabby posted a selfie on her social media on December 8
Gabby posted a selfie on her social media on December 8( Source : twitter )

Gabby Love After Lockup has gone through plastic surgery procedures including gotten lip fillers, botox, and eyelash extensions.

Season seven of the hit WEtv reality series is back as Gabrielle has not gotten her happily ever after. Everything seemed swell when she wedded her co-star and expected to start a family. But reality came knocking at their door when her in-laws did not welcome her with warm hugs.

Instead, she got accused of being a golddigger and was after Graham for the sake of his riches. A few years ago, He earned a hundred grand settlement money, half of which was given to his partner. They spent the sum on their bills, apartment, and furniture but admitted they no longer had extra money.

Her mother-in-law was of no help, refusing to accept his marriage plans. New episodes of the show aired starting on Friday, December 16.

Gabby Love After Lockup Plastic Surgery Procedures

Love After Lockup star Gabby Nieves transformed herself with plastic surgery ranging from lip fillers, botox and eyelash extensions.

The audiences are adamant about her surgically modifying her face. She was never a fan favorite, with people vocally disliking her personality. Some even called her a spoiled brat, with the next season's premiere putting her in a worse light.

Gabby looks very different after her transformation
Gabby looks very different after her transformation( Source : jolie-bobine )

Indeed, Reddit users are sure that she has an obvious lip filler, cheek filler, boots, and extensions, with one added that she got her jaw done. They were still determining how she could afford the procedures as she had proclaimed herself broke after the money ran out. 

A single botox can cost an average person three thousand dollars to upkeep, whereas filler runs $500 to one grand per syringe. Not to mention that an eyebrow lift can cost upwards of a whopping one grand. They cannot help but assume her to be taking up some non-surgical procedures. 

The Reddit thread continued to say that she had her nose done, which peculiarly resembles the Kardashians with her BBL procedure. The people over at Twitter also agreed with Kardashian's comment, with one user saying she wanted to be part of the family. 

Others called her a botox bully with an attachment to a very unnatural person. One individual said she resembled Angelina Pivarnick from another American reality show Jersey Shore. She had her cheeks done, chin, brows, lip fillers, and botox as she gets deemed as not so pretty. 

Love After Lockup star Gabby is back for new season
Love After Lockup star Gabby is back for new season( Source : twitter )

Besides, she is not hiding her dirty laundry as she admitted to spending around thirty thousand dollars on her body and has spent the sixty thousand given by her fiancee during the settlement. 

Having no choice, she has taken up a job as a bottle service girl at Fringe Gentleman's Lounge in Orange, New Jersey. But the opportunity comes with repercussions as her partner is highly possessive of her and does not like her doing such jobs. 

With Chris's mother Felicia already accused her of wasting her son's savings, she is even more determined to return the money and would continue her gig until she fessed up what she spent.

Did Gabby And Her Ex Got Into A Fight?

Sadly, Gabby uploaded a video on TikTok showing her ex, Christopher and her involvement in a fight.

The injuries were so severe that she barely escaped with a chipped tooth and wore a neck brace while being treated by paramedics. 

Gabby suffered from broken bones after getting harsased by her partner
Gabby suffered from broken bones after getting harsased by her partner( Source : twitter )

In a later podcast on YouTube, she explained that he had been out of prison for about three months when the altercation happened. She told him to leave her home because he cheated on her with numerous people, but he lost his temper.

She had multiple broken bones, a damaged left eye, and a nose. Her eye needed surgery as he tried to gouge it out with his finger.

But they seemed to have made up as she married him on the day he got released from jail.

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