Forrest Galante And His Wife Jessica Summerfield Have A Son Together

Rhodes first helicopter flight with a proud Forrest holding him
Rhodes first helicopter flight with a proud Forrest holding him( Source : discovery )

Forrest Galante has a two year old son named Rhodes Galante. Forrest is a wildlife adventurer and conversationalist on Animal Planet.

The Mysterious Creatures with Forrest Galante host is a well-known name on the internet, thanks to his multiple appearances on the Joe Rogan podcast. But he is no stranger to TV as he also led Extinct or Alive on Animal Planet. His work emphasizes rediscovering the animals on the brink of extinction as he takes his team to the lake to observe the mysterious monsters.

The quest began with a joke as he wished to look for the Ogopogo, which is in British Columbia, but he ended up taking a detour to Lake Chelan Dragon. They decided to make the most of their time and had a field trip.

His wife, Jessica, kid joined him for the ride in early June, with new episodes of the show descending on the Animal planet in February. 

Forrest Galante's Son Rhodes Galante Is A Adorable Two-Year-Old

Forrest Galante brought his son to spectacled bear at Chaparri ecological reserve in Peru. He is an adventurous TV personality.

Two-year-old Rhodes is born to two big names in the conservatory world, he and his wife, Jessica Evans. Evan is a zoologist who walked down the aisle with her husband in 2015. The wedding was one of its kind as guests got switched out for stingrays and pigs. They followed up the ceremony in the Bahamas with a five-day party on Stocking Island.

Indeed, the location held significance as it was the first place they traveled together. The beaches, vibrant reefs, and incredible oceanic wildlife got imprinted in their minds as they wanted to share the fond memories with their friends.

His and Jessica big day in the Bahamas was shared friends
His and Jessica big day in the Bahamas was shared friends( Source : co )

After five years of their wedding, they welcomed their first child into the world and have already begun taking him on adventures. Last year, they ventured to Lake Chelan to search for signs of the supposed Loch Ness Monster-like beast that called the native American legends it's home.

He did not mind taking his son to the mouth of danger as he wanted to share the exciting experience with his child while engaging him in biology and ecology in the Pacific Northwest through the documentary, Mysterious Creatures with Forrest Galante.

Indeed, the toddler also got some vital driving session, as he sat in his dad's lap while he took the steering wheel of a speed body and experienced his very first helicopter ride. His father guided him to ride on a horse in the Ozarks while his mom introduced him to the environment and its wild edibles in Washington state.

Evan teaches her child the importance of understanding your environment
Evan teaches her child the importance of understanding your environment( Source : discovery )

After a hard day of work, it is essential to sit back and relax, as the family of three took a refreshing dip in the Rio Cuiaba in Brazil. The little one does not need a textbook or a video to know about the world around him, as his parents had given him a crucial lesson before he could even walk. 

Audiences Are Not Happy With Forrest

The show Mysterious Creatures with Forrest Galante received mixed reviews, with audiences unhappy with Galante after putting his son in danger. 

While most people had positive reviews for the show, calling it informational about sharing the different lifestyles of people and the impact on our depleting climate, others became angry for valid reasons. A user called the adventure irresponsible for taking their kid in a pontoon boat in rough Alaska waters.

Teaching his son to drive the boat on the hunt for the pacific north
Teaching his son to drive the boat on the hunt for the pacific north( Source : discovery )

The host voiced his mistake when he said the boat was not created for rough water and the background music hinted at an incoming doom. Galante got worried for a second and confessed to his reckless decision while heading to shore. 

Commentators on IMDb got furious when they realized the parents overlooked their kid's safety, let alone caring for the camera crew. The calamity could have gotten avoided if they had called a helicopter or taken another boat.

There was no justification for his behavior as he could have left Rhode with a responsible adult before commencing their journey. The incident also made the viewer turn off their television and reward the show zero stars.

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