Fitness Influencer Brittany Dawn Husband Jordan Nelson - Age Wiki - Why Is She Sued?

Brittany Dawn had faced criticism on social sites for allowing her husband to shoot the dog. Is she still married to Jordan Nelson? Stay tuned to learn more about her personal life. 

Brittany Dawn is a well-established fitness influencer from the United States, where she has been providing multiple fitness programs via her website, Brittany Dawn Fitness. Further, she is famous for delivering fitness advice on her YouTube channel, where she has acquired thousands of subscribers. 

In addition, she has acquired millions of followers on her social sites, including TikTok and Instagram. In particular, people started to follow her after selling fitness programs to thousands of customers in 2014, where she used to charge up to $420 per program. On the other hand, she often had faced allegations from her customers about having an eating disorder because of her false tips. 

Fitness Influencer Brittany Dawn Husband: Is She Still Married To Jordan Nelson?

Brittany Dawn is a married woman as she got married to her husband named Jordan Nelson. Many people trolled her on social sites when she informed that her husband shot her dog when it got hit by a vehicle instead of taking it to the vet. The news spread like wildfire on the internet, where she had faced a lot of criticism for allowing her husband to shoot the dog. 

Meanwhile, people wonder if she is still married to Jordan Nelson at the current date. Tracking down the information from her activities on her social platform, it seems she is still enjoying her marital bond with Jordan, which is a good thing to hear. 

Why Is Brittany Dawn Sued? Lawsuit Details

Brittany Dawn has been living in Texas for many years, where the Texas attorney-general has confirmed that the state has sued Brittany Dawn for penalties up to $1.4 million. In particular, many customers have accused her of charging shipping fees for an online fitness plat, where the plan used to send through email. 

Further, some customers claim that they have been going through an eating disorder because of her false tip. However, she has denied the allegation at the current date. 

How Old Is Brittany Dawn? Age And Wikipedia Explored

Brittany Dawn has reached the age of 30 years at the current time, where her exact birth date is still missing from the internet. She has been gaining attention from the media regarding her fitness controversies.

Despite being a well-known face, she is yet to feature on the official page of Wikipedia. However, we can find her short bios on the different web pages. 

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