Comedian Shows Off Her Growing Baby Bump and Here Is Who Is The Father

Celia Pacquola appearing on Have You Been Paying Attention on Channel10AU
Celia Pacquola appearing on Have You Been Paying Attention on Channel10AU( Source : instagram )

Comedian Celia Pacquola recently announced her pregnancy in a post on Instagram with her baby bump, and her fans are curious to know who the father of Celia Pacquola's baby is.

The pregnant comedian appeared on the Channel 10 show, Have You Been Paying Attention, with fellow comedian Felicity Ward wearing a gorgeous green dress with her baby bump showing.

So, let us learn more about the comedian, her pregnancy journey, the father of the child, and the due date of her pregnancy.

Who Is The Father Of Celia Pacquola Baby?

The father of Celia Pacquola's baby is her long-time partner, Dara Munnis. Dara is a professional photographer who was born and raised in Dublin.

The Irish photographer is a classically trained pianist who grew up surrounded by music scenes which inspired him to be a photographer.

Although he graduated from the University College Dublin majoring in Bachelors of Computer Science, he followed his dream as a photographer starting his own brand, Dara Munnis Photography.

He has worked with great musicians like Ed Sheeran, Hozier, Kodaline, and many more musicians for their music videos, portraiture, and live performances.

Celia Pacquola and her boyfriend, Dara Munnis enjoying their vacation in Melbourne
Celia Pacquola and her boyfriend, Dara Munnis enjoying their vacation in Melbourne( Source : instagram )

Munnis met the love of his life, comedian Celia while working for an Australian radio station in 2016 in the United Kingdom. After falling for the comedian, he moved to Sydney in late 2017 to be with Celia Pacquola.

Celia Pacquola Pregnancy Journey

Celia Pacquola has been sharing her pregnancy journey on her social media with pictures of her baby bump progression on her Instagram.

The comedian announced her pregnancy on her Instagram to her friends and fans with her baby bump showing and a picture of the ultrasound of their baby writing,

"Whoever had 'Celia gets pregnant' on their Unprecedented Events bingo card, you can cross it off now. Wild. I'm very happy, and yes, I miss wine."

She also joked about this being her official audition for Doctor Who since she has two hearts now and posted a picture with a tiny Doctor Who-themed romper for her child.

Her pregnancy has not stopped her from appearing on TV, though, since she recently appeared on the 'Have You Been Paying Attention' show on Channel 10 AU.

The very-pregnant 39-year-old has also been advocating for women's abortion rights attending the rally with her partner, Dara Munnis, in Melbourne.

She also posted a timeline of her baby bump, saying she's getting there with pictures of her baby bump progression over the weeks.

Comedian Celia Pacquola showing her baby bump timeline
Comedian Celia Pacquola showing her baby bump timeline( Source : instagram )

When Is Celia Pacquola's Baby's Due Date?

Celia Pacquola has not disclosed her baby's due date yet, but it looks like she is currently 5-6 months into her pregnancy based on her baby bump.

She announced her pregnancy in March, so it is assumed that the baby will be due sometime around November this year.

The couple, along with her friends and fans, is excited about the new addition to the comedian and photographer's family, sending her best wishes for their firstborn child along with reassuring her that she would be a great mom.

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