20 Modern Fade Haircut Ideas for Women

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Fade haircuts can be equally attractive and stylish as long hair. Fade haircuts are the least maintenance-requiring hairstyle for all the busy girlies.

This haircut is short and fades at a length of 3-4 inches above the hairline. The hair slowly goes shorter from the top to the bottom. Generally, they can be classified into three categories: low, medium, and high fades. Here are 20 modern and elegant fade haircut ideas for women.

1. Bold Fade Haircut

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Also known as the butch cut, the fade haircut has longer hair on the top with short sides and back shaved down to the skin. This haircut provides a sharp and edgy look when combined with a classic red pixie cut and side fades.

Similar to tapered cuts, fade cuts give women a more confident look. The attention is directly drawn to their hair. You can use bold colors to highlight the dark undercut and contrast it with the textured strands.

2. High Fade with French Crop

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French Crop is a famous hairstyle that has long hair at the top, a pointy fringe, and short faded sides and back. It is a classic, easy-to-maintain, elegant hairstyle with different forms.

High fades give a classic look, no doubt, but the undercut flatters the style making it much bolder. This hairstyle is great to compliment your face and praise the shape of your face perfectly.

3. Dark Taper Fade Haircut

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If you love fade cuts but worry about the faded sides, this hairstyle is for you. This haircut is neat and does not have extremely shaved sides. In this haircut, the hair gently gets shorter down the back of the neck and behind the ears.

Another plus point, this hairstyle is versatile and you can style it as you wish. Apart from that, this hairstyle suits all face shapes and almost most of the hair textures.

4. Curly Taper Haircut with Highlights

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Curly hairs can be challenging to style since they are frizzy. On top of that they require utmost care and proper style to look good. If you wish to give a bold and stylish look to your long curly hair, this hairstyle might be the one.

Try this amazing taper haircut with a curly top and faded sides to acquire a cool look. This goes well with highlights according to one’s preference.

5. Buzz Cut

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Buzz Cut is a type of short hair where the length of the hair remains the same on all sides of the head. Buzz cut highlights the facial features strongly. These type of haircuts suits well on diamond, square, or oval-shaped faces.

If you are a dark-skinned woman, try this cool buzz cut with an undercut design and platinum blonde hair color. This style makes you stand out earliest among the rest and even enhances your face color.

Other glamorous Buss Cuts:

  • Buzz Cut with side fade
  • Blonde Buzz Cut
  • Icy Ultra shortcut
  • Superstar Buzz Cut
  • Dark Red

6. Short Layered Fade for Blondes

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A short layered fade is a haircut with extremely short sides and back with a layered top. The fades are close to the skin in this haircut. The comparative long layered on the top gives the short back and side fades a contrasting look. The layers add extra texture and movement to the hair.

You can layer the hair short or long depending upon personal preferences. You can try with cut with a blonde hair to create a striking and chic look.

7. Lengthy Voluminous Taper Haircut

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The most popular types of fade, low fade haircuts, go well with both thick as well as thin hair. Straight hair with extra volume and dimension can opt for this haircut. You may want to add some lighter highlights to form a gorgeous layered haircut.

Layer cuts in voluminous hair look great, making the hair look bouncy and generating a beautiful look.

8. Short Haircuts and Blonde Highlights

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This haircut creates a classic look when accompanied by an undercut creating some more boldness. Use a blonde highlight to contrast this cut to give cool and playful vibes. Use hair wax to make your hair more or less spiky. It will enhance the haircut.

Blonde highlights are a trending hair styling measure, that helps achieve a fresh and vibrant look. Since short hair already gives a smart and chic look, the highlight enhances the look.

9. Messy Pixie Cut with Faded Sides

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Pixie Cuts are the most loved and adapted haircuts by women with short hair on the side and back with slightly long hair on the top. The top part is usually styled with wispy bangs to the sides.

If you want to recreate a messy pixie cut, you can use mousse or wax. This high fade cut is easy to maintain making it a go-to hairstyle for working and outgoing women.

Other Pixie Cut with Faded Sides design:

  • Bowl Cut Pixie
  • Short Shaved Pixie cut
  • Short Buzzed Pixie
  • Icy Blonde Pixie with Quiff

10. Low Fade Hairstyle

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Just like other fade haircuts, low fade also moves from one length to another. The hair sits just above the ear and moves through the hairline for the perfect amount of edge.

Since only the top part has more hair, you can pair it with a wispy fringe. This hairstyle is great for a short hair lover and particularly for women with a fine hair type.

Popular Low Fade hairstyles are:

  • Choppy Pixie with Taper fade
  • Side Part Pixie with low fade
  • Temple Fade for curly hair

11. Long Pixie with Sides Shaved

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Pixie, a popular and versatile haircut among women can be styled in different ways. This haircut best suits a heart and oval-shaped face. Try this modern and stylish haircut to highlight your facial features beautifully.

In order to style your pixie, you might want to use a high-quality hair wax so that the hair stays in place for a long. It is a Low fade haircut with low maintenance.

12. High Fade Pixie Haircut

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This is another easy styling yet stunning high fade haircut. With shorter hair on the side and the back, you can style your long top with some vivid color. A Pixie haircut goes well with an oval, round, and heart-shaped face.

This look helps give a confident look with its edgy pixie cut and high fades. You can even add bangs, a full, center-parted or side-parted.

13. Taper Fade on Wavy Hair

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Fade haircuts are not just for straight or curly hair. A wavy hair texture may also opt for this famous fade haircut to create a short wavy hairstyle. You can use mousse or other hair products to style the look.

Wavy hair goes well with low fades, as it creates a fresh and crisp look. You can brush your hair upwards or even part it. A taper fade haircut best suits an oval or rectangular face shape.

14. Kinky Mohawk Fade with Design

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A Mohawk is a type of haircut where both sides of the hair are shaved, leaving longer hair at the top. The remaining hair is placed upwards, creating a tidy and noticeable look. You can use styling wax to place your Mohawk hair on top for a long.

Usually, a kinky hair type is at risk of damage, and maintaining it can be a frightful task. A high fade Mohawk with an undercut design is a great idea to give an edgy look and help them stand out.

Different types of Mohawk Haircuts

  • Quiff Mohawk
  • Curly Mohawk
  • Braided Mohawk

15. Layered Short Cut with Fringe

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This low fade cut is another modern fade haircut idea for women to try on. Here you can experiment with light highlights and bangs to add feminine vibes. Fringes are a great way to either minimize or maximize facial features.

Similarly, a correct and perfect fringe can highlight the beautiful facial features, while it can also minimize some already emphasized features like the nose and eyes. Fringes look great on almost all hair length.

16. Faux Hawk with Undercut Design

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You can shift from a punk to a feminine look with this faux hawk hairstyle. Faux Hawk was the popular haircut among both men and women. However, it is making a comeback with modern designs such as shaved sides, sharp and edgy hairline, and taper fade.

Faux Hawk is similar to a Mohawk haircut with long center hair then the side and back but the sides are gathered on the sides rather than shaved like a Mohawk cut.

Some modern Faux Hawks Haircuts for women:

  • Two Trick Ponytail
  • French Braid Pinup
  • Punk-Rock Princess

17. Blonde Crop with High Fade

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The French Crop haircut is one of the trending haircuts for women that gives a feminine look even though they are extremely short. These are high fades with shaved sides giving a sassy look.

Color your crop haircut in a platinum blonde color to highlight the haircut. The haircut is defined by a long top showcasing a blunt fringe with short backs and sides.

Best Cropped Fade Haircuts for women:

  • Baby Afro
  • Fade Crop
  • Bowl Cut
  • Low Fade Polished Quiff

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Tapered hairstyles or haircuts are not limited to long hair. From the moment you realize, how it radiates your face and fastens your wash-and-go routine, you will probably stay with short hair for a longer time. You can experiment with hair color.

These Mohawk haircuts can be styled in varied ways and it help to create a bold and sharper look. Works with almost every hair texture and most face shapes.

Some Edgy Kinky Women Mohawk Fade:

  • Clean Mohawk
  • Brushed Back
  • Textured Spikes
  • Styled Sides

19. Butterfly Undercut Design

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Fade Haircuts for women not only symbolize short hair length. If you want long hair with an appealing style, then try an undercut with a creative tattoo design of your choice. Usually, the design is made at the back or the side of the head, so flaunt it by tying your hair up into a high ponytail.

Apart from butterfly undercut tattoo designs, you can choose many other tattoo designs.

Stunning Undercut Hair Tattoo Designs are:

  • Petal tattoo
  • Key to My Mind hair tattoo
  • Valentine’s Day undercut hair tattoo

20. Fade Cut with Blue Dye

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A fade cut simply on its own is popular due to its edgy, expressive, and sharp design that gives structure to your hair. But it can be even more captivating when dyed with bold colors such as blue.

This looks unique and looks good on almost every woman, irrespective of their age. So, if you are deciding to get a daring and unique style haircut, a fade cut with dye is a great option.

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