Who Is Erin Napier Mother? Personal Details To Know About Karen Clark Rasberry

Karen Clark Rasberry is the novelist who is the mother of the star of "Hometown," Erin Napier. Get more knowledge about the famous mother in the article below.

Karen Clark Rasberry is a celebrity family relative as well as an author.

The Napiers are most known for their reality show "Hometown," in which they remodel homes in Laurel, Mississippi.

Erin Napier Mother: Who Is Karen Clark Rasberry?

Karen Clark Rasberry is a published author who is also well-known for her relationship with the Napiers.

"Travelers in Search of Vacancy: Short Stories of the South" and "A Southernmost Journey: More Short Stories of the South" are her two publications.

Rasberry is taking a vacation from writing to spend time with her family at home.

Even though she is well-known as Erin's mother, she has only made a few appearances on the "Hometown" show.

As a result, Rasberry is conscious of her image on television.

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Karen Clark Rasberry Age Revealed

Karen Clark Rasberry is currently in her 60s.

However, she has not revealed any information about her full birthdate and birthplace.

Rasberry tried her hand at writing a book in 2009 and 2010 but quit after some time.

She has not disclosed why she discontinued her writing in 2010 to her followers.

Her diagnosis of coronary artery disease in 2021 brought tears to the eyes of her readers and lovers of the Napier marriage.

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Who Is Karen Clark Rasberry Husband?

Rasberry is having a difficult time due to her illness. However, she is supported and loved by her husband, Phil Rasberry.

Karen and Phil tied marital knots with each other on August 9, 1974.

Similarly, Erin's Instagram account is solely dedicated to Erin, Ben, and their family's images and videos.

Rasberry has a close relationship with her daughter and two grandchildren.

Meet Karen Clark Rasberry On Instagram

One can explore Karen Clark on her Instagram handle with her username @kcrasberry.

She has a fan following of 2831 on her Instagram profile.

Rasberry has made her Instagram profile a family photo album as she has uploaded numerous pictures of her husband and family members on her account.

As of now, she has uploaded 195 pictures on Instagram.

Unfortunately, the author is yet to open her account on the Twitter platform.

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