Who Is Eric Smith Fiance And Where Are His Parents Now? Murderer Released On Parole Family

Eric Smith planned to live with his fiance after he was released in February 2022
Eric Smith planned to live with his fiance after he was released in February 2022( Source : gannett-cdn )

Eric Smith talked about his fiance and their engagement while he was in prison. Eric was engaged in December 2019.

At October 2021 parole hearing, he talked about his engagement and briefly discussed his plan. The topic came when the board asked where he would live upon his release.

He said he would live with his mother until he purchased his house and moved there with his fiance. His mother lives in Steben Country.

Eric was a convicted murderer who killed 4 years old Derrick Robie in 1993 when Smith was 13 years old. He killed a young boy dropping a big rock on his head after beating him.

Smith was charged with prison for 9 years in child juvenile before he was transferred to adult prison for around 19 years. He spends 27 years behind bars. 

According to the NY Department of Corrections and Community Supervision. He was released on February 1 from the Woodbourne Correctional Facility in Sullivan Country.

Eric Smith Fiance Was A Lawyer Student

According to Eric Smith, his fiance was studying law. Eric first talked to her when she asked him about the juvenile justice system.

He never mentioned her name. But as of now, she has qualified for her law degree. Before their engagement, he and her fiance first met two years ago.

Eric Smith was released from prison after 24 years beside bars
Eric Smith was released from prison after 24 years beside bars( Source : mycrimelibrary )

She frequently visited Eric to learn about his case and research the system in South and North America. He said that they fell in love and when he asked her to marry him she said yes. He added, “ I was possibly the happiest man alive at the moment.”

Eric got a problem for opening up with her. He was afraid that she might leave him, adding that she got upset with him for not being forthright about everything he’d done.

Later, he finally talked to her, and they started to understand each other even more. But there has been no information about his marriage with her after his release from prison.

The transcript doesn’t specify details regarding her name, career, or address.

Eric Smith Was Born in Steuben Country

Eric was born to his parents, father, Ted Smith, and his mother, Tammy Smith. He loves spending time with his family and grandparents.

He used to spend his childhood often playing with his grandparents. Besides them, he also has an elder sister whose name is never mentioned.

Eric Smith is the only sone of his parents and has two elder siblings
Eric Smith is the only sone of his parents and has two elder siblings( Source : wixsite )

During the crime confession, he often mentioned being bullied by his father and two sisters as a child.

Where Are Eric Smith Parents Now?

Eric Smith parents are now thought to be in Steben Country, New York. 

The Smith family has been based in this part of New York for a long time, and the family home is also in the same place. So, Smith's parents are believed to be based in the same neighborhood.

There is little more information available on them. In the parole discussion, Eric revealed about staying with his mother until he gets his own house or his lover gets him out.

Where Is Eric Smith Now?

Eric Smith is currently living in Queens, New York. After Eric was released, he planned to work as an electrical installation or carpenter.

He felt God was calling on him to do ministry and said he was working on getting his college degree in crusade evangelism while incarcerated.

Smith said, "I'm not a threat. The 13-year-old kid that took Derrick's life…  is not the man sitting in front of you talking. If you were to give me a chance, I would not only prove that I'm not a threat. I would be an asset to society."

Smith's release was delayed for months until he had secured approved housing. In February, after serving 28 years, the now 42-year-old was released. 

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