All About Emma Hernan Weight Loss Journey With Her Before And After Photos

Emma Hernan is an American real estate agent who will be joining the sets of Selling Sunset.
Emma Hernan is an American real estate agent who will be joining the sets of Selling Sunset.( Source : instagram )

Many people also wonder if Emma Hernan underwent a major weight loss journey. She has looked fitter in recent months.

Emma's stunning figure is what has caught people's attention. Fans are very stoked to watch the beautiful model and actress Emma on the show Selling Sunset.

She is also a realtor and a businesswoman, and there is nothing that she can not do. One of Selling Sunset's newest cast members, Emma Hernan, will solidify her place on your radar. She worked as a model before joining The Oppenheim Group.

Netflix's Selling Sunset is a show where all the realtors come together. The fans are very stoked to watch Emma on the show. However, her fans want to know more about the weight loss journey of the realtor.

Quick facts

NameEmma Hernan
Birth PlaceBoston, United States
ProfessionModel, entrepreneur, real estate agent, social media influencer

Emma Hernan Weight Loss Journey

Some fans speculate Emma Hernan has lost some weight. She looks stunning with her curvaceous slim figure, which is all of the people's dream bodies. Some people even started wondering if Emma was dealing with certain health issues. 

However, the actress is not dealing with any health issues or eating disorders. She has always been slim and slender. She has also never gone through a significant weight loss journey.

Emma Hernan shows off her fit figure in a
Emma Hernan shows off her fit figure in a "black" dress.( Source : instagram )

Hernan has always maintained her physical fitness. Even though she has not talked about her fitness routines among her followers, it is evident that Hernan loves to stay in shape and has a routine that she strictly follows to maintain her figure.

Judging from her Instagram posts, the 29-year-old model appears to be enjoying her life. She also has her own frozen fruit company, Emma Leigh & Co., which sells healthy frozen fruits.

This also says that Emma is very conscious about the foods she consumes. Hernan is also very athletic, and she loves to swim. Emma revealed she is a swimmer and had previously qualified for the Olympics in Selling Sunset episode three.

While guiding property developer Micah McDonald around a home, she informed him that she was an expert in backstroke. When Emma was 16 years old, she stopped swimming to devote her time to modeling in Paris, as she previously disclosed.

What Does Emma Hernan Diet Consist Of?

Emma loves eating healthy. She is a vegan, but she also loves to enjoy different food. She loves food so much that she turned her love and passion for food into a business and started her own food company.

Emma Hernan shows off her stunning figure in a checkered shirt and straight pants.
Emma Hernan shows off her stunning figure in a checkered shirt and straight pants.( Source : instagram )

Her company sells vegan and vegetarian foods, including her favorite, empanadas, which she says she cannot live without. Her food products can be purchased on QVC and different convenience stores.

Emma's company will also start selling its products on Costco soon. She loves to stretch, and she often goes on hikes. She believes that infusing healthy habits such as hikes and stretching helps her stay fit and focused.

Hernan incorporates yoga and Pilates into her program in addition to hiking. Both exercises are a low impact on the body and promote flexibility and strength.

She loves cooking, and she likes to eat fresh. Emma is a big fan of cooking healthy foods, and whenever she has time, she loves to get creative in the kitchen.

What Does Emma Hernan Do?

Hernan loved working from an early age, and she has always been a hustler. She recounted convincing her parents to acknowledge a waiver allowing her to work when she was 12 years old and working as a model and nanny, among other jobs.

Emma is a real estate agent and an entrepreneur with her own frozen food business, Emma Leigh & Co; she is also a social media influencer, and her fans look up to her.

After joining Netflix in Selling Sunset, she entered the entertainment industry. Her resume only keeps getting bigger, and she is a very talented woman.

Some FAQs

Has Emma Hernan gone through a weight loss journey?

Emma Hernan has always been fit.

How does Emma Hernan stay fit?

Emma Hernan loves to workout, yoga, go on hikes, swim, and eat healthy foods in order to stay fit.

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