Who Is Emma Ashford? Facts You Didn't Know About Atlantic Council Security Expert

Emma Ashford is a Cato Institute Research Fellow in defense and foreign policy, specializing in international security and energy politics. In this article, we'll look at Emma Ashford's Wikipedia page.

She is now working on a book about the politics and foreign policy of oil-producing countries such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Venezuela.

Her latest research has focused on the effectiveness of US sanctions against Russia, the future of US Middle East strategy, US-Saudi ties, and the growing influence of Asian states in the Persian Gulf's politics and economy.

Emma Ashford Wikipedia Explored

Emma Ashford isn't available on the Wikipedia page. But we have looked through some websites about her.

She worked as a military and foreign policy research fellow at the Cato Institute. She focused on the US-Saudi relationship, sanctions policy, US policy toward Russia, US foreign policy, and grand strategy.

She co-hosted and co-founded the podcast Power Problems. Her long-form writing has appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Foreign Policy, Vox, The National Interest, and War on the Rocks, among other publications.

And her opinion writing has appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Foreign Policy, Vox, The National Interest, and War on the Rocks.

Ashford is a regular writer to Inkstick and writes a bi-weekly post for Foreign Policy called "It's Debatable."

Emma Ashford Age -How Old Is She?

Emma Ashford's age as of 2022 is unknown. She hasn't made her date of birth known to the general world.

She is a resident senior fellow at the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security's New American Engagement Initiative, which focuses on questioning dominant assumptions in US foreign policy and developing effective solutions that protect America's security and economy.

Her research focuses on grand strategy, international security, and future US foreign policy. She is a specialist in Russian, European, and Middle Eastern affairs.

She covers Russia, Europe, the Middle East, and US foreign affairs in general.

Her initiatives included a book draft on petrostate foreign policy, an essay on the politics of restraint, and studies on the future of US foreign policy and the liberal international order.

She is a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations and possesses a Ph.D. in foreign affairs from Virginia.

Meet Emma Ashford On Twitter

Emma Ashford may be found on Twitter, where she goes by @EmmaMAshford.

She has around 23.5k Instagram followers and follows over 1200 people.

She has a total of 238 tweets concerning her work.

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