Elizabeth Prann

Elizabeth Prann -

Elizabeth Prann is TV correspondent of America. Born in 1985 in Colorado, Prann is currently associated with Fox News Channel. She joined the network in February, 2010 as their correspondent. She is currently their Atlanta based reporter. Prior her association with Fox Network, the anchor was associated with WJHG, NBC affiliate to Panama City, where she served as their anchor, reporter and producer from July 2008 to January 2010. The talented anchor is of Caucasian ethnicity.

Prann first joined Fox in 2006 as their anchor and she continued her post till 2008. She gain made her re union with the network in 2010 and covers the report from southeastern part of United States. In her career in FNC she has covered several story including hurricane Irene, Georgia Draught, and the most recent hurricane Issac. She has also worked as the production assistant in Fox network for On the Record W/ Greta Van Susteren.

Elizabeth Prann is also talked for her beauty. With the slim and tight figure along with the pair of stunning legs, she has definitely become one of the attractive women in her field. The journalist is also blessed with the hot bikini body. Her photos are available everywhere in the internet and her legs are considered as her greatest assets. The video of her shows in you tube can be the proof for her long legs which she likes to present in formal attires but in elegant way.

Taking about her personal life, she is the graduate from University of Florida with the Bachelor degree in Journalism. And the anchor is married to Darren O’Day. The marriage ceremony of the couple took place in Atlanta, Georgia on November 20, 2010. However there is no any conformed news about her boyfriend so far. In addition to that fox has not revealed the salary of their talented anchor and net worth as well.

The more additional information about the talented journalist can be obtained from Wiki and other personal sites relating to her. Her fans can also follow her on Twitter, an easy way of accessing fan and reaching out to people. In addition to this the official websites of her can also be helpful to know more about her.