Egypt Sherrod Weight Loss After Married To Real Estate Appearance

Egypt stars in the tv show Married to real estate with her husband
Egypt stars in the tv show Married to real estate with her husband( Source : instagram )

Egypt Sherrod weight loss is from improved diet and exercise routine. Egypt has lost several pounds since the birth of her second child.

The tv personality and real estate broker is known for her shows like Flipping Virgins and Property Virgins.

Her hosting journey started when she was 18 years old. She was the youngest radio station music director at the age of 19.

Her notable hosting program was in HGTV's White House Christmas Special, Rose Parade, and Urban Oasis giveaway.

She is also the founder of The Egypt Cares Family Foundation which is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to financial empowerment and awareness.

Egypt Sherrod Weight Loss Journey

 Egypt Sherrod weight loss is visible after the birth of her baby. Egypt maintains a realistic diet and exercise routine.

Sherrod's life is an open book and her lifestyle is seen by her fans daily.

She shares her diet plan and exercise routine on social media to encourage her fans to be healthy.

She has also made sure to look amazing on her show as people look up to her and losing some weight has given her more confidence to portray herself.

She even expresses her gratitude towards the show and her husband for their support onscreen and offscreen.

Before and  After image of Sherrod after her weight loss
Before and After image of Sherrod after her weight loss( Source : instagram )

Her life hasnt been easy as a mother, wife, and entertainer where she just gave birth to a baby girl. 

At the age of 42, she went through a pregnancy which was a beautiful feeling for her and Mike.

The birth of their child also helped her shed some fat from her body as she started to have well-balanced meals for herself and the baby.

She set realistic goals as she knew how long it takes to get her body in shape by exercising and having a portion-controlled diet.

Did Egypt Sherrod Had A Plastic Surgery?

No, Egypt Sherrod didn't get plastic surgery. Sherrod also responded to accusations that she had her breasts surgically enhanced.

She in an interview said that she didn't have any implants but got a reduction. But after having a daughter she had a mommy makeover as some parts of her body started gaining fat.

Sherrod and her husband also responded to the comments on her social media. She said they are against body shaming and she doesnt have any shame about how she looks.

Moreover, she stated that commenting on someone's body is not right and that people should never do it and especially when people don't have any idea of what they are talking about.

She is specific about her manifestations that she wants a healthy body and even healthier bonds. She always wants something to look forward to every time she wakes up.

More than having plastic surgery she focuses on a healthier diet as she put vegetables in every corner of her home. She likes eating better instead of having fast food.

Her Life Changed After Marrying Mike Johnson

Egypt Sherrod has been married to her co-host Mike Johnson since 2010.

Her life changed dramatically after marriage as they gave birth to their first child Kendall in 2012. In 2019 they also gave birth to another child Harper.

She is thriving and cherishing the beautiful family she always prayed for. Her family especially her husband, helped her focus on her physical and spiritual healing.

In an interview with essence, she opened up about her experience of having a baby at 42 and how her family supported her. 

She had faced life-threatening complications from edema and fluid overload, which nearly took her life.

Her family enjoying Christmas together at their home
Her family enjoying Christmas together at their home( Source : instagram )

While working together, she and Mike learned how to handle life's biggest struggles. They helped each other juggle their work schedule and hectic family life.

When they first met, Egypt was a radio personality, and Mike was a Dj. They both were working passively on real estate.

She was given a referral by her mentor to sell a house in New Jersey and that was the first time he was the contractor for the house.

They started dating in 2004 and have had a loving relationship till now.

Their chemistry has always been loved and adored by fans from the time they were on the show Rock The Block Season 3.

The couple has been working together for a long time and their business has grown.

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