Eddie McGuire And His Wife Carla McGuire Are The Power Couple And Have Been Married For 25 Years

Eddie and Carla with their two son Joseph and Alex at an event
Eddie and Carla with their two son Joseph and Alex at an event( Source : com )

Edward McGuire and his wife Carla McGuire has been married for 25 years. Edward and Carla tied the knot in 1997.

The duo has been a power couple since then. They have always been supportive of each other's careers.

The Australian television host is a journalist and Fox Footy analyst specializing in the Australian Football League. He also contributes a column to the Herald Sun occasionally.

Before that, he formerly worked for the Victorian Major Events Company as a director. Previously, he presented The Hot Breakfast on Triple M Melbourne's morning show.

Before his wedding, her maiden name was Carla Galloway. She is originally from Australia, and the couple has made a family now.

Who Is Eddie McGuire Wife Carla McGuire?

Eddie McGuire wife Carla McGuire was born on 13 July 1980 in Australia and is 42 years old. Carla is a fashion designer.

She had her clothing brand Endless Spirit Clothing which she owned for seven years. After being the company's CEO for years, she sold the company and focused on her family.

Eddie and Carla are each other's greatest supporter
Eddie and Carla are each other's greatest supporter( Source : com )

Eddie once talked about his wife's business and said, "She's in charge of acquisitions. I work to pay for it." It is still being determined if this was the case. But Carla has once opened up about why she sold her company.

Carla said, "What we do is teamwork. Traveling seven months a year with my business was going to be too much with a family, and I didn't want to do it with the children anyway. So I sold the business."

A fashion designer has no social media presence. She likes to keep her private life under wraps. Although she is a personal person, she frequently attends the red carpet with her husband.

Eddie and Carla together attended The opening of The Glasshouse in 2015
Eddie and Carla together attended The opening of The Glasshouse in 2015( Source : com )

Eddie And Carla Married Life

In the 1990s, Eddie met his partner at a party thorn by a mutual friend. They then instantly developed a bond.

Later, they started to date each other. After dating for seven years, the couple tied the knot.

They married on February 8, 1997, at St. Peters Church on Toorak Road, Melbourn. Only close friends and family attended the ceremony.

Carla and her husband Eddie attended the South Australian pride
Carla and her husband Eddie attended the South Australian pride( Source : com )

Edward McGuire was never married before. Carla is his first wife, whom he decided to share the rest of his life.

The duo since then have shared a close and strong relationship. There is no sign of any complications in their marriage.

The couple has been married for 25 years now and is still going strong. On top of that, they have made a lovely family to be proud of. The family resides in Melbourne, Victoria.

Are Eddie And Carla Still Together? Their Divorce Rumors

Yes, Eddie and Carla are still together and the news of them splitting up is just a rumor. 

Various stories were evolving regarding the split up of Eddie from his wife. However, nothing was happening. Everything was bogus.

Eddie appeared as co-host on Footy Classified with Carla
Eddie appeared as co-host on Footy Classified with Carla( Source : co )

The question is frequently asked as Eddie is a big name in the entertainment industry in Australia, and people are more curious about his life.

But cutting off all the rumors, Eddie and his wife are still married and has been one of the most vital couples in the industry. They have been together for over two decades.

Eddie is devoted to his family, and we can say the same for his wife, Carla. 

Eddie And Carla's Age Difference

Although the couple appears strong in the media, Eddie and Carla have an age gap of 16 years.

Carla is 42 years old, and her husband is 58. Eddie was born on October 29, 1964.

Eddie and Carla has an age difference of 16 years
Eddie and Carla has an age difference of 16 years( Source : com )

Eddie was born alongside his brother, Frank McGuire, and grew up in the Broadmeadows neighborhood of Melbourne. He is the son of Bridie and Edward Mc Guire Sr.

While Carla was born in 1980, she grew up and lived in Australia.

Eddie And Carla Are Parents of Their Two Son

Eddie and Carla share two children, Joseph McGuire and Alexander McGuire.

Eddie and Carla with their two son, Alex and Joseph
Eddie and Carla with their two son, Alex and Joseph( Source : com )

Joseph is their first child. He was born in 2001. Two years after his birth, Alex was born in 2003. Joseph is currently 21 years old, and Alex is 19 years old as of 2022.

The couple's elder son enjoys cricket and football and is interested in the media, where their younger son is a well-known soap opera performer. Alex has bagged roles in Neighbours as Charlie Hoyland.

Eddie Has Collected A Good Income From His Career

Eddie McGuire has a net worth of $10 million as a television presenter and journalist. He is one of the wealthiest TV personalities.

Similarly, he makes a good living from his work, as he has a thriving career and a lot of fans. Eddie earns a high monthly wage as a commentator and president of sports, as well as working as a reporter for Channel Nine.

Eddie is a TV presenter and journalist
Eddie is a TV presenter and journalist( Source : com )

As per reports, Eddie earns $3.5 million years as a radio and television personality. He's also a director of the Victorian Major Events Company, which brought in AUD 56,661,166 in 2016.

Furthermore, his Melbourne mansion is estimated to have cost him over AUD 11.575 million. The Toorak residence includes a tennis court, pool, gardens, and open space.

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