Who Is Easton Zalamea? Child Actor Age And Parents Details, Everything We Know

Easton Zalamea is a child actor who was seen starring in the movie Cheaper by the Dozen (2022). Find out some interesting facts about the child actor's personal life.

Easton Zalamea got featured in the adventure-comedy movie named "Cheaper by the Dozen." The child artist played the role of Danny Chen in the movie.

The American family movie "Cheaper by the Dozen," which recently got released on 18th March 2022, is a film about a man and his wife juggling a chaotic home life while raising ten children and running the family business.

Apart from Easton Zalamea, the movie cast other many popular child artists and teen artists like Mykal-Michelle Harris, Sebastian Cote, Andre Robinson, Kylie Rogers, and many more.

Easton Zalamea Age: How Old Is The Actor?

The child actor Easton Zalamea's age is unknown. His current age can be predicted between 5- 15 years old as of 2022.

The information related to the child artist's birth date and birthplace is missing on the Internet. Zalamea's life has not been discussed much on the Internet, and it might be because he is still too young and got a lot to achieve yet.

Easton Zalamea is probably one the youngest casts in the movie "Cheaper by the Dozen," although he has not been featured in the major roles.

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Easton Zalamea Parents Name Revealed

Easton Zalamea's Parents' names are yet to be disclosed, and so are their professions. So far, the child actor's life is kept very private, including his parents' and siblings' life.

Whoever be the parents of Zalamea, they deserve an appreciation for supporting their child to pursue his career as an actor at this young age.

Zalamea's fans are very eager to see the child actor grow professionally and hope to get to know more about him in the future. However, it is too early for him to be in the limelight and get exposed at this age.

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Easton Zalamea Nationality: His Height Revealed

Due to the scarce resources on the Internet, Easton Zalamea's nationality can not be confirmed. 

Being a child actor, it can be predicted that the Zalamea is probably between 3 to 4 feet tall. 

The movie "Cheaper by the Dozen" seems to be the debut movie of Easton Zalamea since there is no information about him being featured in movies other than that.

Easton Zalamea Wikipedia: Explore His Biography Details

Easton has neither been featured on Wikipedia nor has an account on social media platforms.

As Zalamea grows up and gets better offers, it is hopeful that he will get featured by different media keeping his well-wishers updated about the actor's professional and personal life.

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