Dynho Alves Twitter Photos And Wikipedia- Meet MC Mirella's Ex-husband

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Dynho is a talented singer and dancer from Brazil he has risen to then fame through his songs. Also, his sensitive photos have been disclosed on Twitter. 

Dynho has songs such as "Malemolencia", "Salienciazinha", and "Passinho Dos Maloqueiros". His songs have garnered a fanbase, he is either loved or criticized for his music. 

Likewise, he was in a relationship with MC Mirella, who is also a popular rapper with a number of songs on her belt, she has collaborated with the biggest artist in Brazil as well. 

Dynho Alves Fotos On Twitter And Wiki

Dynho Alves is a popular rapper with a huge fanbase, but he has joined only fans on an adult sexual live streaming site, where subscribers pay to see the content from their broadcasters. 

Similarly, Alves's sensitive photos were released on Twitter by one of the subscribers which has caused an uproar on Twitter. People are concerned about the artist, and his behavior is seen in a different light by their fans. 

Moreover, Dynho had participated in the online streaming site for financial gain and to get over his ex Mc Mirella. He announced that he shall be publishing sensitive content to his account only fans. 

Dynho Alves Net Worth 

Dynho Alves is worth around 208.6k to 308k dollars, he earned about 11.k-16.3k dollars in 2016. He secured about 70.7k-10.4k in 2017. 2018 was a slow run for Alves as he only amassed about 10.5k-15.5k. 

As well as, his best year is 2019 as he secured about 112.k-166k dollars, and 2020 brought in about 59.4k-87.7k dollars. Also, 2021 was the slow run as he only received 18k-26.6k. Presently, he has achieved 39.9k-58.9k in 2022. 

Moreover, he is likely to receive further growth through his adult account in only fans where he can secure significant income from his streaming. 

Dynho Alves As Mc Mirella's Ex-husband

Mc Mirella's Ex-husband is none other than Dynho Alves. She has filed for divorce against the Dancer and singer, their relationship was not stable as the couple was unable to maintain a healthy connection with one another. 

However, Mc Mirella seems to have not displayed her emotions or disclosed information about her relationship. However, Alves had not been able to take the break up between them lightly. 

Thus, the singer took to social media and stated that he is joining only fans to get over his ex-wife Mc Mirella. 

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