Domi and JD Beck Wikipedia Bio, Their Ages & Career So Far - Do They Have A New Album Coming Out?

JD Beck and Domi, a jazz duo.
JD Beck and Domi, a jazz duo.( Source : nytimes )

Domi and JD Beck are a jazz musical duo who have been in the music industry for quite some time.

Domi and JD Beck are a part of a musical duo where Domi is the keyboardist while JD is the drummer of the jazz musical duo. Their music is very versatile and has different genres mashed up together.

The duo's music has gone viral on the internet and has attracted celebrity attention. Thundercat, to Skrillex, everyone is fond of their music, and it will not take much time to blow up in the industry altogether.

Who Are Domi And JD Beck? How Old Are They?

Domi and JD Beck are a part of two-person jazz musical band. The two have been playing music for quite some time now, and their music has become the new addictive sensation online.

JD Beck and Domi along with Anderson Paak.
JD Beck and Domi along with Anderson Paak.( Source : okayplayer )

The other half of the musical combo Domi & JD Beck is JD Beck. This young man has been a musician since he was five.

Domi has also always been interested in music since he was young. JD is currently 19 years old, while Domi is presently 22 years old. JD's drum career started when he was only eight years old. 

The youngest female keyboard pioneer in the world, DOMi is supported by Yamaha Synth Artist and Spectrasonics. Both the duo are very talented in their way, and their talent together has been a delight for everyone else. 

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Domi And JD Beck Career So Far?

Talent like DOMi and JD's doesn't remain hidden for very long. In April, they were the first artists to sign with Apeshit INC, a brand-new label by Anderson Paak. 

The two have been putting out unique music, and their music has gotten domestic and international attention. They released their first debut album in 2019, which was a success.

The pair explained that even though they have reached a new height of success, they are not satisfied yet. They say they are still insecure about their music and always try to do better and push each other to a new limit to bring out the best stuff possible in the market. 

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Do Domi And JD Beck Have A New Album Coming Out?

Domi and JD's new album is coming out on July 29th. Their new album's name is Not Tight. Anderson Paak, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Herbie Hancock, Thundercat, Mac DeMarco, & Kurt Rosenwinkel are among the special guests listed on the duo's website album.

Their album has been highly anticipated, and their fans cannot wait for the album to drop. Domi and JD have been promoting their album on social media platforms.

The two prodigies will take the market by its horns with their new album and set a new record among people. 

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