Dolmar Cross Wife Keisha Cross and Family Life

The pair has been married since 2005.
The pair has been married since 2005.( Source : facebook )

Dolmar Cross wife Keisha Cross is a life coach and mentor. Dolmar and Keisha live with their family in Florida, USA.

Dolmar Cross is an investor based out of Florida who has been in this business industry for more than a decade of his life.

Now, the experienced realtor is appearing in his new chapter of life with the reality show, Zombie House Flipping Tampa. 

The reality show consists of renovators who take down old, run-down houses and sell in possible profit margins.

The team of people consists of a builder, a designer and other professionals who have been working in the field of real estate. 

The show has been running since January 2016, and new season five has just launched on A&E TV.

The cast member of the show includes Dolmar Cross, Peter  Duke, Keith Ori, Alynne Cordray, Derek Phan and Sarah Nowak. 

The show runs for around 43 minutes and has been under the production of Pilgrim Studios. 

Dolmar Cross Family Life in Florida

Dolmar Cross family consists of his wife Keisha Cross and their two children. Dolmar and Keisha got married in 2005.

He has spent his entire childhood in Florida. And from a young age, he has been working to create wealth for his family so they would not suffer as much as he did he was a child. 

Cross completed his bachelor's from the University of South Florida in 2006, completing his studies in Communications. During his freshman year at the university, he used to work in a part-time gig making animal balloons. 

The couple celebrated their 13th anniversary on June 10, 2020.
The couple celebrated their 13th anniversary on June 10, 2020.( Source : facebook )

Sensing this was not a way to make a living, he moved to another job in 2005, where he started his career in real estate working as a VP of acquisitions for the fastest-growing real estate investment company.

During his time, he was involved in hundreds of transactions and was responsible for millions of dollars in distressed assets. 

Later, he took out his student loan to start his own business. He failed three times to eventually make it a success. Later in 2009, when banks were failing in being able to close millions of disclosure, he began to harvest the opportunities that he had been waiting for. 

By 2011, he had begun to acquire distressed assets from banks and privately sell them to sellers at a discounted price. 

During the time of recession of 2007, he also married his wife Keisha Ransaw, who is a well-known expert mentor and helps people visualize how to monetize their work and expertise. 

Dolmar and Keisha Have Two Children

Dolmar Cross has two children with his partner Keisha and another son from Keisha's previous marriage. Dolmar has an older daughter and a son. 

Dolmar and his family in the show premiere party.
Dolmar and his family in the show premiere party.( Source : facebook )

Before his marriage with Keisha, Keisha already had a child of her own from her previous marriage. His name is Cameron Ransaw. Dolmar and Keisha raise Cameron together. Cameron is currently 22 years old.

The couple's first child was a daughter whom they named Kyra. She was born on October 5, 2008. Currently, she is studying in grade 9 and is 14 years old.

His second son Ethan was born on November 1, 2008. He is currently eight years old. 

Dolmar Cross Makes A Decent Living Via Television

Dolmar Cross net worth is $1 million dollars. Cross makes his income from his business and his work as a tv personality. 

Dolmar has been working in the real estate industry for more than 17 years. But working in his own company, he has extensive experience of more than a decade.

Since then, he has raised millions of dollars by buying the house through the state and selling them privately to several house owners. 

Dolmar has been in real estate business for more than 17 years.
Dolmar has been in real estate business for more than 17 years. ( Source : facebook )

Currently, he is working as a Chief Executive Officer for Real Capital and also a Managing Director at Maxall Capital, LLC in Tampa, Florida.

Maxall Capital works on residential and commercial real estate assets, which will return the company with higher, stable, and structured low-risk income. 

As the CEO of Real Capital, Cross's yearly income should be more than $250,000. And his salary for being a Managing Director for Maxall Capital should be more than $170,000 every year.  

Now, the real estate veteran is working with A&E TV's highly regarded show, Zombie Flipping House Tampa. He was welcomed into the show only this January and has already started filming for the show. 

Dolmar Is A Regular Cast In Zombie House Flipping Tampa

Dolmar Cross has been selected as one of the regular cast members for Zombie House Flipping for Tampa. He was welcomed for the show in January. 

Along with Dolmar, Samantha Middleton was also selected as one of the regular members of the show from Tampa. The duo started their journey in the show through a premiere party. 

The party was organized by Brandon Middleton who is the founder of New Wealth CoLab, a real estate investment company, running since 2015. 

Dolmar and Samantha are the new cast members of Zombie House Flipping new season.
Dolmar and Samantha are the new cast members of Zombie House Flipping new season.( Source : facebook )

The party was also co-sponsored by Real Capital and Best Staging, congratulating both Dolmar Cross and Samantha Middleton for their participation and their success. Many high-profile people from Tampa were called for the party. 

Though season 5 of Zombie House Flipping started the first episode in Fort Worth, the remaining episodes have moved to Tampa, Dallas, Orlando, and back to Tampa again. 

But some original cast members of the series have left the show. Justin Stamper and Ashlee Casserly from Orlando have left the show. 

Justin and Ashlee left the show to focus on their personal lives, and Duke left the show to focus on his own company in 2021.

But he seems to have made his comeback for the new season of Zombie House Flipping.

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