Does Project Grizzly's Jeff Watson Have A Wife?

No, Project Grizzly's Jeff Watson doesn't have a wife. 

He is a widower, who lost his wife in the hospital, as she was licked up by the wrong treatment and suffocated. 

For now, Jeff is not much open about his wife in the media and likes to keep things out of their reach. 

He has always avoided the questions about his personal life and is not willing to answer those. 

Jeff has a daughter, Jessica Marie, with his wife, and a grandson, with who he lives, and also has two bears who are with him for a very long time. 

With the bear, he is been featured in the Animal Planet's Project Grizzly, where he is shown living with two of his bears who are 4 years old and are brothers. 

What Happened To Jeff Watson?-Where Is He Today?

According to the official page for Jeff Watson, it was revealed that he suffered a Stroke. 

It was when he was driving a car, and he suffered a stroke. 

He pulled over by the side after feeling some discomfort and then lost all central of his body and even his speech. 

After the deputy was called, he was taken to the hospital and had a CT, and is now moved to the ICU. 

He is now in very good health and is still recovering and is being highly monitored. 

From his official page, he has thanked all the people for their prayers and has requested people to pray for him in this difficult situation. 

The further details about his health will soon be updated from his official page, and it seems that people have been trying to help Jeff with their prayers. 

He will soon recover and will return to the project Grizzly again. 

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