Dj Isa Video On Twitter & Reddit, Why Is The Video Trending On Social Medias?

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Dj Isa is currently trending all over Twitter and Reddit after a Twitter user named @terrordoestadoy leaked her private video. 

A Twitter user named @terrordoestadoy is trending on Twitter as he shared the private video of Dj Isa. People are trying hard to find Dj Isa's Video on social media. 

Many people were surprised after her video got leaked on social media. The video signifies that there has been something wrong between father and daughter. 

Watch: Dj Isa Video On Twitter And Reddit

Dj Isa is currently trending all over Twitter and Reddit after her intimate videos leaked on Twitter. 

A Twitter user named @terrordoestadoy leaked DJ Isa's video, which has adult content. Isa's partner appears to be in the video. 

The clip is believed to have been leaked, and Twitter users are going crazy. People are searching all over social media to watch the video.

The video has not yet exceeded 500k views on Twitter, but it is still rising. Dj Isa has been linked with many other rumors circulating on multiple online sites. 

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Who Is @terrordoestadoy On Twitter?

@terrordoestadoy is a Twitter account that is currently viral after releasing the private videos of Dj Isa. 

The Twitter account named @terrordoestadoy has been active since April 20, 2022. The user frequently posts explicit content that has captured the public's attention.

The user has been sharing explicit or Tiktok stuff for a long time. As a result, it now has over 3000 followers. Based on his photo, it is assumed that the user is male. 

He is presently in the public eye after releasing an explicit video of well-known lady DJ Isa. However, Twitter has already deleted the account of the user.

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Is The Video Still Available And When Was It Uploaded?

Although Twitter has already deleted the @terrordoestadoy account, Dj Isa's videos are still circulating on the Internet. 

The video was uploaded on May 18, 2022. After a few hours of uploading,, the video got viral, which exceeded 500k views just on Twitter. 

In the video, Dj Isa's father was recorded saying, "She was not poor since her childhood, What is my daughter doing now?" I gave her all of the items she needed."

He further added, stating that he aimed to clarify his daughter's historical origins and that she was not nurtured in poverty and met all her necessities. 

Dj Isa's father also struck his daughter in the viral video. After the video went viral, her father apologized to his daughter.

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