DJ Bliss Wife Danya Mohammed Is A Beauty Blogger

DJ Bliss and Danya got married in 2015
DJ Bliss and Danya got married in 2015 ( Source : instagram )

In Netflix's "Dubai Bling," Danya Mohammed makes her debut alongside her husband, DJ Bliss. She has also earned a reputation for herself as a businesswoman and YouTuber.

In "Dubai Bling," Marwan-Al-Awadhi, nicknamed DJ Bliss, was introduced as Ebraheem Al Samadi's close friend with advice to provide on the latter's love life.

When the artist went to a consultation with a plastic surgeon to avoid workouts and, presumably, gain artificial six-pack abs, the viewers were soon introduced to Marwan's wife, Danya Mohammed, also known as Diva Dee.

Fans are now curious to discover more about the social media celebrity, notably her relationship with her husband, due to her involvement on the reality show, which has undoubtedly increased her renown. Let's find out.

Quick Facts

Full NameDanya Mohammed
ProfessionBusinesswoman, Reality TV Star and Youtuber
Birth DateMarch 31, 1983
Age39 years old
HusbandDJ Bliss
Known ForDubai Bling
Zodiac SignAries

Who Is DJ Bliss's Wife Danya Mohammed?

DJ Bliss is married to his wife, Danya Mohammed, a renowned artist of Emirati descent. Danya is well-known for her work as Diva Dee, a makeup and beauty-related YouTube vlogger and Instagram personality. 

She revealed that her husband, who was already well-known for his daily vlogs, inspired her to begin her own YouTube career.

Danya is a model endorser for several brands, including Gaffe Studios, Gucci, Mahallati Jewellery, Bambini Fashions, and a content developer. Before joining the Netflix reality series, she appeared on several other TV shows.

She was inspired by DJ Bliss' passion for content creation and wanted to challenge herself, so she began making and refining her videos for her YouTube channel, which she started in January 2019.

Danya appeared in Dubai Bling alongside DJ Bliss
Danya appeared in Dubai Bling alongside DJ Bliss ( Source : instagram )

The reality TV actress initially began creating travel-related vlogs but rapidly changed her focus owing to her passion for the makeup and beauty sectors. She posted a picture of herself reading a speech at her graduation in January 2017 on social media.

The program, which is offered by New York University Abu Dhabi, grants exceptional students at three leading UAE universities access to specially crafted courses, according to the program's official website.

Relationship Timeline & Children

In front of 600 guests, of which Danya knew just about 50, Danya & DJ Bliss exchanged marriage vows in March 2015. The couple is blessed with two lovely children, Zayed & Meera, whom they adore dearly.

She takes satisfaction in being a hands-on mom to them. In September 2022, Zayed celebrated his fourth birthday.

The content family enjoys spending time together and going on various adventures. With Shaggy, Daffy, & Flipperachi as guests, DJ Bliss launched his song "Hala Walla" on the professional front.

The Great Eddy and Marwan collaborated on the song "Danya (Eminado)," which he wrote for his wife, and it debuted on October 26, 2022, much to the musician's joy.

The musician also owns Bliss Inc Entertainment, Karak Inc Eatery, and SELEKT. Each week, he performs at Blu Dubai, a well-known nightclub in Dubai, as part of 411 Nights. On their individual YouTube channels, he and Danya frequently upload new content.

How Much Is DJ Bliss Net Worth?

The estimated net worth of DJ Bliss is around $1 million. He is the only Dubai Bling celebrity born and raised in the city, home to approximately 68K millionaires. Likewise, his wife, Danya Mohammed's net worth is also estimated by The Cinemaholic to be about $1 million.

Marwan accompanied Danya to the recording studio in one of the episodes of Dubai Bling, where he surprised her with a brand-new song written primarily for her. The musician also gave his wife a jewelry set for Valentine's Day, which she was delighted to receive.

The DJ, the middle child of five siblings, was determined to forge his career and deviate from societal norms.

DJ Bliss has worked with many celebrities over the course of his career
DJ Bliss has worked with many celebrities over the course of his career ( Source : instagram )

When he was a teenager attending school, he discovered his musical aptitude, which inspired him to study mixing art. However, family constraints compelled him to work for a large tobacco corporation, but after a year, he switched to music.

Bliss, known as the Ryan Seacrest of the Middle East, previously hosted the program That's Entertainment TV Show. He interviewed well-known celebrities presenting the program, including James Blunt, Nicki Minaj, and Paris Hilton.

Some FAQs

How old is Danya Mohammed?

She is currently 39 years old. The reality TV star was born on March 31, 1983.

Who Is DJ Bliss wife?

He is married to famous youtuber Danya Mohammed. They got married in 2015.

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