Disturbing Buffalo NY Shooting Full Video From Reddit

It has been reported that video clips of the shooting in Buffalo NY are going viral on Reddit. However, it looks like it is deep inside some Reddit group because it has not been discovered.

The screenshot of that video is going viral on social media, where a woman can be seen being shot in the face by the gunman. The content is very graphic, so people might have to think before searching for them.

The gunman has been identified as Peyton Gendron, who has been taken into custody by the police. This horrific incident seems to be a pure result of racism as the man identified himself as a white supremacist.

In this horrific incident, the man shot 13 people out of which 10 people have already lost their lives. It has been reported that 2 people shot in the incident are white and all others are African-Americans.

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Twitch Livestream Depicts The Horrifying Incident 

As per the various reports, the shooter went on Twitch to stream his shooting live. However, as of now, the video has been taken down, but some clips are spreading across social media platforms.

It has been reported that he started shooting from the parking lot and went inside the shopping center. He was tackled by the brave security guard, but sadly, the guard was also shot and pronounced dead.

After all the fiasco, the police arrived and talk to the shooter to put his gun down. The gunman was arrested after that and has been taken into custody. this incident has been looked at by people very carefully.

This incident is another reminder for people to change gun laws and action needed against a surge in hatred for people of color and different ethnicity.