Remember Ding A Ling From "Bobby I Love You Purr"? Fans Notice Something Wrong With His Health

Bakari Kyle attended the Zeus Network's
Bakari Kyle attended the Zeus Network's "Bobby I Love You, Purr" Los Angeles Premiere Screening at Regal North Hollywood on August 21, 2022 in North Hollywood, California( Source : gettyimages )

Fans think Ding A Ling from Bobby I Love Your Purr is battling cancer. He was recently seen involved in a physical altercation with Bobby Lytes. 

Bobby, I Love You Purr returned to television with their reunion series. It was released on November 13, 2022, and there is a lot more drama this time. Recently, Ding A Ling punched Bobby, and in anger, Bobby also said a few mean things, which has become a huge issue on the internet.

Apparently, it also talks about Ding A Ling's health issues, which have also made the fans concerned. 

Whats Wrong With Ding A Ling From Bobby I Love You Purr?

Ding A Ling from Bobby I Love You Purr claimed that he was going to die from an illness after his heated discussion with Bobby. 

In season one of Bobby I Love You Purr, fifteen men competed for Bobby's affection, and the one who won was Jameson Strachan. However, a big feud happened between Bobby and the other contestants at the reunion. 

Even, Ding-A-Ling became a trending topic when he punched Bobby after they had disagreements. Then, Bobby also told him that is why he was going to die, which caused the rumors of Kyle battling cancer to surface on the internet. 

Bobby Lytes apologised to Bakari Kyle through IG story
Bobby Lytes apologised to Bakari Kyle through IG story ( Source : instagram )

Island Boi, aka Jameson Strachan, later said in an Ig live that Ding A Ling punched Bobby because she talked about his Cancer and how he was dying slowly. However, based on the video from the episode, it seemed that after Kyle hit Lytes first and then Lytes talked about Bakari dying. 

Previously, during the first season, there was a feud between them as Bobby talked about Bakari's deceased daughter. He had even publicly apologized to Bakari for saying such mean and rude things to him. 

Ding A Ling aka Bakari Kyle Cancer Rumors Adressed

Ding A Ling, aka Bakari Kyle, is rumored to have cancer. However, when talking on The Armon Wiggins Show, he refused to answer questions regarding his Cancer. 

The rapper said that he did not want to talk about it. While many comments on Twitter and videos on Tiktok claim that Kyle had confirmed that he was battling Cancer, there is no evidence to back up the claims. 

Bakari Kyle and Jason Lee in the Reunion of Bobby I Love You Purr
Bakari Kyle and Jason Lee in the Reunion of Bobby I Love You Purr ( Source : instagram )

One viewer of the show argued that he had brain cancer, while another said that he found out that the disease was in the terminal stage and that he had stopped treatments.

It is not a hidden fact that he had left the Bobby I Love You, Purrr before the 7th elimination ceremony because he fell ill and was hospitalized. 

There was not much information given about his health. But, recently, when he and Bobby got into a physical altercation, rumors about him battling cancer got out. In a short clip from the reunion episode, Bakari punches Bobby in the face, and after that, Bobby says, "that's why you're dying." 

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