Did Richard Buttrose Use Drugs? Convicted Drug Dealer Released From Prison

Richard Buttrose is married to Tiffany Farrington, a former drug smuggler. Let's look at Richard's Wikipedia page to learn more about him.

Richard Buttrose was a convicted Sydney cocaine dealer.

Because he was the nephew of Ita Buttrose, an Australian journalist and businesswoman, his arrest made headlines in Australia.

Richard pleaded guilty to three counts of distributing cocaine with an undercover cop.

Did Richard Buttrose Use Drugs?

Former drug dealer Richard Buttrose gave an inside look into his life behind prison walls. He described how he used to be afraid of the gruesome inmate fights.

At his home, police discovered more than $10.8 million in cocaine and a $1.3 million cash cache.

His narrative was included in the first episode of Australian Druglords, a Nine Network documentary series.

After serving eight years and nine months of his 16-year sentence, the 45-year-old was released from prison in 2017.

Is Convicted Drug Dealer Released From Prison?

Yes, Richard's convicted drug dealer has been released from prison.

During his stay in prison, Richard became interested in exercise. Buttrose is the nephew of Ita Buttrose. He is an Australian journalist, businesswoman, television personality, and novelist.

He's been reminiscing about his time in the SAS detention center. He shocked a fellow cast member by stating that he had "killed someone" in prison during one of the SAS episodes.

Richard cleared the air after a loud gasp, revealing that he was simply joking.

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Richard Buttrose Age: How Old Is He?

Richard Buttrose's age is 49 years old, and his date of birth is yet to be revealed on the internet.

The drug dealer hasn't shared his height and weight on the internet publicly.

Richard Buttrose Wikipedia

Richard Buttrose was a former Sydney restauranteur.

He is the nephew of Ita Buttrose, an Australian media mogul and former journalist. His father is Charles Oswald Buttrose, a former Australian journalist and Ita's brother.

In 2010, Richard was sentenced to 16 years in prison after being convicted on three counts of cocaine distribution.

Richard Buttrose is estimated to have a net worth of between $1 and $5 million. Buttrose, being the private guy he is, has kept his financial assets confidential.

He is currently continuing his legal education and his participation in SAS Australia.

What Happened To Richard Buttrose: Where Is He Know?

Richard Buttrose acquired two university degrees during his time in prison and has now turned his life around.

He's left his criminal past behind and is now a completely different person. In September, Tiffany, Richard's longtime lover, was married in a covert wedding in Sydney.

His current employment and career, on the other hand, have remained secret. As far as we know, he will be one of the candidates in SAS Australia for the 2022 season.

Is Richard Buttrose Married?

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Richard Buttrose is married; he married his longtime lover, Tiffany Farringtonin, in a covert wedding in Sydney.

Richard was previously married and the father of two children. However, his ex-wife's children's names have yet to be revealed.

Tiffany, his current wife, is the founder of Social Diary, specializing in public relations, media, and events.

Buttrose studied English literature and art theory at the University of Sydney. Richard and Tiffany were acquainted at a party in 2017 by a mutual acquaintance.

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