Did Lars Tate Die Of An Illness? Georgia Bulldogs Mourns The Passing Of Footballer

Lars Tate, a former professional football player.
Lars Tate, a former professional football player.( Source : pristineauction )

Lars Tate was a former professional football player who recently passed away, and Georgia Bulldogs are mourning his death.

Tate was an extremely talented former professional American football player. He was selected by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL drafts of 2018 in the second round.

Lars was very passionate about football since he was young. He attended high school and college and played football throughout his school years, and was named Gatorade National High School Offensive Player of the Year.

Did Lars Tate Pass Away Due To An Illness?

Tate passed away in the early hours of Tuesday morning in St. Petersburg, Fla. Even though, his exact cause of death has not been revealed to the public, it was known that Lars was diagnosed with cancer just a month before his passing.


According to his long-time friend Traci, his health deteriorated rapidly. Considering how serious cancer is, it might have aided in his passing.

Lars was just 56 years old when he passed away. His death shocked many fans, and they rushed to social media to express their shock. Lars's fans and friends have sent his family condolences and best wishes to stay strong at such a tough time.

Tate's legacy will always continue, even if he is not present with us today. His contribution to football will forever be cherished, and will always be remembered.

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Who Were Lars Tate Wife And Children?

Tate was not married at the time of his passing. However, he was in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend, Kelli Edwards, who also lived in St. Petersburg.

He had three children, Stephan Tate, Lauren Tate, and Donovan Tate. He has left behind a wonderful family, and his family is currently mourning his death.

However, their family has wished for privacy during these times and has not spoken on the matter yet. Tate's friends have expressed their condolences through their social media accounts.

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Explore Lars Tate Career And Bio

Tate was an amazing athlete who grew up in Georgia. He was not just a prodigy in football, but was also very good at baseball. He was always interested in sports.

However, he did not pursue his baseball career for long. He was more interested in football, so he chose to pursue his professional career as a football player.

The football field was also very rewarding for the athlete as he got drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1988. He is best known for owning one of the Bucs’ all-time great highlights from his rookie season.

He had an amazing athletic career, and even though he faced several struggles after his football career ended, he got back on his feet, and celebrated his life and years of sobriety. 

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