HGTV: Did Bryan And Sarah Sell The Resort Caerula Mar? Is He Still Together With Sarah Baeumler In 2022?

Bryan And Sarah renovated their resort Caerula Mar in Bahamas and decided to keep it
Bryan And Sarah renovated their resort Caerula Mar in Bahamas and decided to keep it( Source : thestar )

Bryan And Sarah Baeumler from Renovation Island did not sell their resort, Caerula Mar in 2022. After they were done renovating it, they decided to keep the resort and open it up to the public.

Bryan Baeumler is an established Canadian TV host. He is acclaimed for presenting the biggest beach house renovation competition titled Battled On The Beach on HGTV.

Baeumler is also an erstwhile businessman and handyman. He used his renovation skills and took it onscreen via a series of TV shows which earned him stardom.

Bryan also wrote books regarding restoration and became an author. Having said that, he is well-educated too since he holds a B.A in Political Science and Business from the University of Ontario.

During the summers of his childhood, Baeumler used to fix his family's cottage. When he turned 14, he became a local handyman and performed off jobs for the neighbors.

Eventually, Bryan turned his passion into his career and rose to prominence. Until now, he is noted for hosting Disaster DIY, House of Bryan, Leave It To Bryan, Island of Bryan, and so on.

Further, Baeumler is hitting the headlines since netizens are curious about his luxurious resort named Caerula Mar Club.

HGTV: Did Bryan And Sarah Sell The Resort?

HGTV's host Bryan Baeumler and his wife, Sarah did not sell their lavishing resort Caerula Mar based in South Andros Island, Bahamas. 

The couple from Canada moved to Bahamas and bought an old rundown motel, and worked their magic to turn it into a luxury resort. Many of their fans and viewers assumed that they would sell their resort once they were done but they did not.

When asked about they decided to keep the resort, they replied that they wanted to the full potential of the resort so they want to keep it for a few years.

Sarah and Bryan's Caerula Mar Resort hosts public and is making good revenue
Sarah and Bryan's Caerula Mar Resort hosts public and is making good revenue( Source : cntraveler )

The Baeumlers's Caerula Mar Resort has six private villas, and 18-suite resorts which can be rented for $32,000/night. It offers lodging for up to 56 guests. On one side of the island, there are almost 90 kilometers of beaches, while on the other, there is a substantial limestone and mangrove forest.

They even host wedding and other similar functions in the resort with prior planning.

The property was firstly featured in the series of TV show, Island of Bryan. In the first two seasons, the resort was being renovated but several challenges arose.

The problems were mostly caused by shipment delays, Hurricane Sandy, and other technicalities. By the third season, the hotel had opened, but it shut down after 6 weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of now, Bryan and Sarah have re-opened the resort to the public and it seems to be generating a well-off revenue.


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Did Bryan Baeumler And Sarah Split Or Are They Still Together?

Bryan Baeumler has not split with his wife, Sarah and they are still together.

The pair tied the knot many years ago and they are happily married. Moreover, their companionship is growing stronger with every passing year.

Baeumler and Sarah have an age gap of 4 years since he was born on 18 April 1974. On the contrary, his spouse, Sarah was born 4 years later, on 26 March 1978.

Explore Bryan Baeumler Net Worth 2022

According to Distractify, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler have an estimated net worth of around $20 Million.

Their current property evaluation is yet to be done. However, they are well-off since both the pair earn a decent paycheck and have invested wisely for the future.

To sum up, Bryan lives a glamorous and cozy life with his family in Canada.

Meet Bryan Baeumler Children & Family

Bryan Baeumler has four beautiful children with his long-time wife, Sarah.

The names of their kids are Quintyn Werner, Charlotte Anne, Lincoln Wolfgang, and Josephine Judith. More details about them are yet to be revealed.

Is Bryan Baeumler On Instagram?

TV star, Bryan Baeumler interacts with his fans via Instagram and Twitter.

He posts pictures under the username of @bryanbaeumler. Moreover, he garners more than 283K and 95.2K followers on his IG and Twitter handles respectively.

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