Dichen Lachman Plastic Surgery Transformation

Dichen attending Emmy Awards for Severance
Dichen attending Emmy Awards for Severance( Source : instagram )

Dichen Lachman plastic surgery includes a nose job and facelift. The transformation is visible on her face.

Dichmen is an Australian actress who is currently mostly known for her role for acting in Severance as Ms. Casey and Altered Carbon as Raileen Kawahara. 

The actress was born in Kathmandu, Nepal, on 22nd February 1982. After staying in Nepal for eight years, she moved with her family to Adelaide, Australia in the early 1990s.

She was born to her mother Tashi Lachman, and her father Chris Lachman. 

The stunning star graduated high school and college in Australia. She later completed her university at the University of Adelaide.

After her graduation, she started to act in movies. She started her debut in 2005 in a short movie called Eastwood. 

Her fame came in high when she started to play the role of Katya Kinski in the Australian series Neighbours. She also starred in Dollhouse that premiered in 2009. 

After moving to the US, she has acted in known series such as Being Human, Last Resort, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and many other exciting movies.

Dichen Lachman Got A Rhinoplasty

Dichen Lachman has gotten a nose job, facelift and some fillers on her face. The changes on her face are not very noticeable.

The actress talks about her nose on her social media. In her Twitter, she shared about how her nose was broken while shooting for one of the episodes for the tv series The 100.

After that, she did a slight nose job using plastic surgery to make her nose quite good. 

She had an accident happen while shooting for the episodes of The 100. 

Her other surgery includes a facelift. As she is an Asian descent, her cheeks were a bit sunken compared to other western actors.

So, she also had done the facelift to make her cheeks look a bit filled up.

Dichen going to New York for role in the series Altered Carbon
Dichen going to New York for role in the series Altered Carbon ( Source : instagram )

According to the actress during her interview, she also felt like she had a crooked smile which made her look and feel bad about her smile.

So, around the end of 2019, the actress went to a dermatologist out of curiosity about baby botox.

After understanding everything, she went ahead with the surgery of baby botox and that helped her straighten her smile. And she is happy about it.

Though she has done all this surgery on her face, she still has a beautiful face as she takes care of her skin.

She believes it has been a journey to find the right product to apply to her face as she ages beautifully.

Her Transformation After Surgery

As part of Asian descent, she had felt the difference in her face compared to others when doing makeup. Not everyone knows what to do and how to put makeup on her face. 

Dichen on the red carpet of Gotham Awards in 2022.
Dichen on the red carpet of Gotham Awards in 2022. ( Source : instagram )

She had a lot of surface area and her mother's Asian eyes made things difficult while putting on makeup.

If the person is not an expert in putting makeup, they would make her face look over the top. 

With all the botox and facelift, now it has made it easier for them to use her makeup correctly.

After her surgery, she appeared in the movies and series such as The Last Ship, Supergirl, Altered Carbon, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Raya and the Last Dragon and Jurassic World: Dominion.

The actress has been made more beautiful after the plastic surgery on her face.

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