Devan Chandler Long And His Wife Jesse Golden Attended The Premier Of Ambulance On April

Devan and Jesse at a farm in December 2021
Devan and Jesse at a farm in December 2021( Source : instagram )

Devan Chandler Long has been married to wife Jesse Golden for two years. Devan Chandler Long and Jesse Golden tied the knot on June 25, 2020.

The 39-year-old star is a regular in the CBS comedy, Ghosts, which follows the lives of a young couple after they inherited a rundown county estate to find ghosts calling it their home. Although its premise may be horrors, the series is far from scary, with hilarious themes like Sam and Thorfinn switching bodies. 

Indeed, the tenth episode stars actress Rose McIver as she impersonates Long's character after getting possessed by him. The program exploded in popularity after its second season as the cast decided to indulge in the Christmas spirit with a special divided into two parts.

Who Is Devan Chandler Long Wife Jesse Golden?

Devan Chandler Long wife Jesse Golden is the founder and CEO of The Golden Secrets. Jesse started the company in 2019

The couple came from vastly different backgrounds but have come together to give birth to two adorable sons, Kaleo Golden and Bodhi Town.

At a young age, she started learning ballet in her mother's dance studios, but her career derailed after she found more pressing matters to focus on. After learning the devastating effect of rheumatoid arthritis disease, she made it her life's mission to put it in remission through natural methods. 

Before meeting her husband, she got her training in 2008 from the Yoga Works Institutions. While earning her license, she enrolled in the New Eden School of Natural Health to get her bachelor's degree in Holistic Health Practitioner by 2010.

According to her Linked In, she refers to herself as a devoted mother, a model, and a health practitioner.

Jesse promoting her new product Womb Wisdom on her Instagram page
Jesse promoting her new product Womb Wisdom on her Instagram page( Source : instagram )

Jesse Is The Founder of Golden Secrets

In 2019 Jesse took the life-changing step of establishing her holistic brand, The Golden Secrets. 

The website called it a sustainable, fair trade, wild-harvested, and cruelty-free skincare brand that got birthed from the heart and soul of Golden. Their institution gets cemented in organic beauty and can work for all ethnicities, orientations, identities, and specific skin needs. 

Jesse and her husband at Vieux-Montréal in October
Jesse and her husband at Vieux-Montréal in October( Source : instagram )

For the past four years, the organization called Topanga, California, its home as the CEO proudly boasted about shipping over 25,000 bottles.

They thrive in sustainable energy, with a 100% solar-powered manufacturing and fulfillment facility. Before becoming a sustainable entrepreneur, she worked as a successful yoga teacher. 

Devan And Jesse Relationship Timeline

Devan and Jesse have genuinely faced the test of time and have been blissful in their marriage. Their two sons are the product of their love. 

But one must go back to when they first met to discover the depth of their affection. Fortunately, we have compiled a relationship timeline of the two. 

They Met In 2018

Devan's fan knew he was in love when he first uploaded a picture of him with his arms around a blond-haired goddess Jesse.

Long and Golden met for the first time in 2018
Long and Golden met for the first time in 2018( Source : instagram )

Despite the cool air of August, they dressed up in floral prints as they hugged while grinning into the camera. It was their first appearance together while his friends and followers celebrated their newfound love. They seemed to be at an outdoor party and seemed to have already started dating for a while. 

Jesse And Devan Celebrated New Years Together

Fast forward four months, and they were more vital than ever as they headed off to Maui, Hawaii, to celebrate New Year. 

They blended in with the locals by wearing their signature flower garlands and looked like they had tanned a little under the sun. 

The couple went to Hawaii for the New Year 2019
The couple went to Hawaii for the New Year 2019( Source : instagram )

Long wrote a refreshing caption about the triumphant scents of all the adventures waiting behind the veil. He got so smitten by the beauty by his side that he compared voyaging around the work to smelling Golden's hair.  

By June 2020, They Had The Engagement

As things progressed, people were not surprised when they announced they got engaged on June 2020.  

He got down on one knee and expressed his affection towards his girlfriend, with the greenery of Sequoia National Forest providing the perfect backdrop. They looked put together in light clothes while Jesse her head back in laughter when she saw the ring.

Devan proposed to Jesse in Sequoia National Forest in 2021
Devan proposed to Jesse in Sequoia National Forest in 2021( Source : instagram )

Besides, there was only one correct answer: she would be foolish to decline a chance at a happy ending. 

For valentines day, they got dressed in boots and cowboy hats and arrived at a set that resembled the wild west. The rugged edit and the orange tinge gave it a more scary look, but the pair had their hands clasped to show they were not alone. 

The signboard showed that they had booked a room at Home Street Hotel, but it seemed like they had traveled back in time. It was the theme they were looking for, as he captioned Vintage time with his forever Valentine.

The engaged pair at the Home Street Hotel in 14th February
The engaged pair at the Home Street Hotel in 14th February( Source : instagram )

June 2021 Was Their First Anniversary 

After a year filled with bliss and adventure, actor Devan took to his Instagram to upload a video of their years together. 

The few minute-long clips showed unseen videos of them having fun with their dog and friends as the backdrop kept changing. They shared a love for fitness and traveling as they spent the evenings dancing in their living room. Not one moment was stagnant as they matched the other energy throughout their years together.  

Indeed, he accompanied the sweet video with an equally adorable letter as he reflected on his one year as a married man. She was his dream girl, as they had been soulmates in alternate worlds of castles, lucky dragons, and mythical centaur-like creatures.

Jesse Became His Plus One On The Red Carpet

In April, the notoriously private couple made their first red carpet appearance when Jesse became his plus one for the Ambulance The Movie premiere. They dressed for the occasion, with a CEO wearing a velvet jack to combat the cold. She accessorized with an orange mini bag that looked like it could cost a paycheck to buy. 

The pair attended the premiere of Ambulance the movie in April
The pair attended the premiere of Ambulance the movie in April( Source : instagram )

Her husband kept it casual with a leather jacket and a dark shirt, complete with jeans. His red beard and blinding grin became his charming point as his arms did not leave his wife's waist. 

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