Who Is Denise Pesina? Is She Really Robert Crimo's Mother?

Robert Crimo; suspect of killing six people ( Source : Archive )

Robert Crimo, a rapper, has been identified as the kid of Denise Pesina and Bob Crimo. He is accused of opening fire at a Fourth of July parade, killing six people, and injuring over a dozen more.

Six people were killed and 24 others were hurt in a shooting at an Independence Day parade on July 4 in the affluent Chicago neighborhood of Highland Park, Illinois.

The 22-year-old suspect Robert "Bobby" Crimo III, also known by his stage name Awake the Rapper, was reportedly "known to authorities." He has more than 16,000 weekly Spotify listeners. It is now unknown if the violent movies that YouTube hosted before they were taken down on Monday night were to blame for this.

Who Is Denise Pesina? Robert Crimo Mother's Name

Denise Pesina is the mother of Robert Crimo, the Highland Park shooter who killed at least six people. She has been mentioned in the obituary report of the 22-year-old rapper. An alternative healer by profession, the controversy around her being the real parent of Crime is going strong on social media. 

The question about her relationship with Robert began after netizens scanned through her Facebook. Her profile is filled with pictures but there aren't any hints of the suspect being related to her. She hasn't posted pictures with her reported son.

Further, Denise has a criminal record. She was arrested in the past for her violent behavior against her a family member, She apparently hit her close-knit landing up in jail.

Similarly, Denise's husband is a business owner as per sources. He also ran for mayor of his town but lost. The reason behind his loss has been said to be the liberal nature of his opponent. he apparently took sides for better gun laws. 

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Robert Crimo Ethnicity and Family Details

Robert Crimo belongs to the white ethnicity. His last name is quite unique making it difficult to learn about his origin. An American native, he was born and brought up in a well-to-do family. A businessman and a doctor's son. he never had any kind of shortage growing up. He went to a good school, got the best education, and was allowed to pursue his passion and live life on his own terms. 

Talking about his family, they are currently devastated. The suspect's grandpa, Robert Crimo, was born in Highland Park in 1929 and has a long history there. 2018. Robert Crimo passed away. The obituary report gave information regarding his blood relatives.

The ages of his victims ranged from eight to 85, with four or five of those who were shot possibly being children. Nicolas Toledo, a 78-year-old grandfather, and Jacki Sundheim, a married mother and a synagogue instructor, have so far been named as the victims. 

Similar to that, her synagogue released a touching tribute to Sundheim. Toledo's family said that they were covered in his blood at the event even though he had allegedly declined to attend.

As he vowed to continue the fight against the shooting "epidemic," President Joe Biden stated that he and his wife Jill were "struck by the senseless gun violence that has yet again brought misery to an American community on this Independence Day."

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