Deadly Estate Tubi Cast Samantha Walkes and Movie Review

The new movie of Tubi Tv Deadly Estate.
The new movie of Tubi Tv Deadly Estate.( Source : youtube )

Deadly Estate Tubi cast consits of Samantha Walkes, Karen Cliche and Morgan Kelly. The movie premiered on March 3, 2023 on Tubi.

Deadly Estate is the new tubi tv thriller movie. The movie is about an outspoken hotel manager who has been wrongly accused of a murder that she has never committed. 

And the person who was killed was the owner's son. Now she has to prove her innocence to protect her life. 

The movie was directed by Sam Coyle, who has directed and written movies such as Darkside, Mine Is Yours, Hazy Little Thing and Dating Unlocked.

The writer of the movie is Cate Holahan who is a new and upcoming writer from Los Angeles.

Most of the scenes of the movie are shot in Canada. The movie has been in production under the guidance of Neshama Entertainment. 

Meet The Cast Of Deadly Estate on Tubi

Deadly Estate cast includes Samantha Walkes, Karen Cliche, Morgan Kelly and Russell Sams in lead roles. 

Samantha Walkes As Zakiya

Samantha is the leading actor in the tubi tv new movie Deadly Estate and plays the role of Zakiya. In the movie, she is the hotel manager accused of murder. 

The actress hails from the city of Hamilton in the northern country of Canada. Her father used to be a steel factory worker who never neglected his daughter's dream and always supported her. 

Actress in dress for her role in Kings of Napa.
Actress in dress for her role in Kings of Napa. ( Source : instagram )

Before she could complete her university graduation from Brock University with a double major in English and Drama, she was provided opportunities with movies that she could not refuse. 

The actress began her professional acting journey in form movie Motives & Murders: Cracking the Case in 2016.

Since then she has already worked on movies and series such as Santa's Castle, The Kings of Napa, Good Sam, Orphan: First Kill, Murdoch Mysteries and The Holiday Swap.

Currently, Samantha is married to Mets Kramer and has been in wedding vows since October 2016.

Karen Cliche As Valeria

Karen Cliche plays the new wife of a business magnate Rob Brant who is buying the hotel for his beloved wife Valeria. 

Quebec-born Canadian actress Karen was born on July 22, 1976. The actress has currently reached the sweet age of 46.

From a young age, the actress wanted to act in movies but thought it was too much for her. So, joined the university to study psychology. 

Actress Karen starting enjoy her summer.
Actress Karen starting enjoy her summer. ( Source : instagram )

Due to her super physique, she had already worked in modeling for a modeling agency.

She began acting in the television series The Collectors in 1999 which kick-started her acting journey.

She then began to act in movies and series such as Heist, Wrong Number, Steal, Big Wolf on Campus, All Souls, Undressed, Flash Gordon, Lost Girl and Saw VI. 

Karen is currently married to her husband Brian Mellersh, with whom she got married on 24 September 2005.

The couple has a daughter named Sierra whom the actress gave birth to in 2010 when she was 33 years old. 

Morgan Kelly As George

Morgan plays the role of detective George Finn who is the leading investigator of the son of business magnate Rob Brant's Astor Brant's murder case.

He is the one who arrests Zakiya from her room. 

Similar to his fellow actors, Morgan also hails from Canada. He was born in the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada on June 23, 1976.

The actor was very much interested in acting from a young age but in pleasing his girlfriend's parents, he studied computer programming course. 

Morgan posing in the iconic chair from Star
Morgan posing in the iconic chair from Star ( Source : instagram )

Seeing his friend acting, he was inspired to act, and that started his journey.

He is mostly known for his roles in movies and series such as A History of Violence, The Shape of Water, The Lookout and Killjoys. 

Currently, the actor is married to Jackie Szabo with whom he has a child. 

Russell Sams As Daniel

Russell plays the role of Daniel Denton in the movie, saving Zakiya from the clutches of Ron Brant, the business magnate. 

Russell is an American actor who hails from Clinton, Tennessee, USA. The actor was born on May 18, 1977, and started his acting journey at the age of 21. His first acting role was in the school's play at the University of Tennessee. 

The actor Russell is reading The Unconscious Actor.
The actor Russell is reading The Unconscious Actor.( Source : instagram )

Later he graduated from the university in Theatre after studying for two years.

After that, he moved to Los Angeles to complete his dream and started his first acting journey on the silver screen with the movie What Matters Most in 2001.

Since then Sams has worked on movies and series such as The Rules of Attraction, Wonderland, Cold Case, Supernatural, NCIS, Trophies and The Rookie. 

Additional Cast in Deadly Estate

The additional actors who worked alongside with actors mentioned above are:

Deadly Estate Movie Review

Deadly Estate premiered on March 3, 2023.

There are some reviews that can be seen on the Twitter. @TVFan43 has tweeted, "This movie #deadlyestate on @tubi really is about never giving up your personal life for a job because they will backstab you in a hot second!!!"

Many people are recommending to watch Deadly Estate on Tubi Tv.
Many people are recommending to watch Deadly Estate on Tubi Tv.( Source : twitter )

Another Twitter account @KiaaNicole93 tweets that "Deadly Estate on Tubi is a must see".

Actress Karen Cliche who plays the role of Valeria in this movie also tweeted "Check out #deadlyestate on @Tubi MARCH 3!" on her Twitter account.

In the Deadly Estate YouTube trailer video, we can see that yaphett vazquez commented that the trailer was great while another commenter commented that he will be checking the movie after the release. 

Deadly Estate Plot Summary

The movie is about one of the lower levels of staff of the Magnate, Zakiya, who is currently working in the reception.

There comes the new owner of the hotel Rob introduces himself and introduces his wife. He also explains that the hotel is bought for his wife. 

The son of the owner Astor is not a good individual and when Zakiya reaches his room, he is seen holding a gun and pointing gun at a girl.

A night late, she is confronted by the detective states that Astor has been found lifeless. 

Zakiya is one of the lower level manager of the Magnate Hotel in the movie
Zakiya is one of the lower level manager of the Magnate Hotel in the movie( Source : youtube )

Zakiya is shocked but she is more shocked when she hears that she was the last person to see him and she is now being charged with the suspicion of Astor's murder. 

Now Zakiya is trying to prove her innocence and explain that she was not the only one who saw Astor the night before and there was another girl in his room.

But not being able to prove it, she is held as the highest suspect and fired from her job. 

Now to prove her innocence, she tries to go through the record of the hotel only to find the dark, dirty secret of the hotel.

But the owner of the hotel is trying to stop Zakiya from reaching the root of the darkness. 

Trailer Breakdown

Tubi Tv Deadly State ( Source : youtube )

In the trailer, Zakiya is seen to be slamming her hand on the reception desk where a receptionist is taking a nap. 

Then we see Zakiya talking to Rob the new owner and is introduced to his wife Valeria. Valeria says that her husband bought the hotel for her. 

After that, we can see that Zakiya goes to the owner's son Astor's room with bath towels and take the dirty towels from the room to the laundromat.

She finds them bloodied and talks to the superior but she is told by the manager not to be nosy about other people's business. 

Later she talks to her friend, Alexis, about their new owner in the laundromat. Subsequently, she is seen going to Astor's room again with wine in a cart, but she hears shouting. 

Abruptly, she uses the master key to open the room, only to find Astor pointing a gun at a girl. 

She with her strong commanding voice orders him to drop the gun and also calls hotel security.

The scene changes to a detective coming to her house and introducing her. Then she is informed that Astor's deceased body was found in the woods. 

He also explains that she was the last person to see Astor, so she was charged with murder and is taken away.

Now, Zakiya not only has to prove her innocence but for that, she needs to find the cause of Astor's passing away.

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