Who Is Daz Black Dating? His New Girlfriend On Instagram- Where Is He From?

Daz Black has hinted about his new relationship lately through Instagram
Daz Black has hinted about his new relationship lately through Instagram( Source : reddit )

Netizens claim Daz Black has got a new girlfriend in 2022. On his Instagram posts, they have stormed the internet with the question "who."

Also known as Daz Games, he is a famous influencer who was together with Soheila "Soso" Clifford. The couple announced the beginning of their relationship through Instagram.

Daz needs no introduction when it comes to digital media - he rose to fame on the internet with his comedy videos and Vine. Later on, Daz shifted to YouTube as a platform to upload content.

Presently, Daz has more than 8.07 million subscribers on his channel. With his appealing accent, the Englishmen have made fans a significant impact on social media.

Quick Facts About Daz Black 'Games'

NameDaz Black
Also Known AsDaz Games
ProfessionYoutube Celebrity
Date of BirthAugust 7, 1985
Age37 Years
Net Worth$9 Million
Ex-GirlfriendSoheila Clifford

Daz Black Has A Girlfriend And It's Not Soheila Clifford

YouTube star Daz Black aka Daz Games, was dating his ex-girlfriend, Soheila Clifford, till the first quarter of 2022. The couple had been in a relationship for three years, starting in 2019. 

Soheila is a professional singer and dancer - famous for her melodies and incredible dance moves in the entertainment industry.

Daz and Soheila's bond didn't work out; the couple officially announced break up through a YouTube video. There are no specific details of what actually happened between Daz and Soheila.

A few years back, Daz married Kate Blackmore, but their marriage didn't go further. The couple got divorced after the birth of their daughter named, Sarah Blackmore.

Currently, the rumors of Daz Games' new girlfriend have surfaced on Instagram. His followers have commented on a post where he is seen kissing a lady with blonde hair.

In Daz Black's official Instagram account, he is seen kissing a mysterious lady in beautiful landscape scenario
In Daz Black's official Instagram account, he is seen kissing a mysterious lady in beautiful landscape scenario( Source : instagram )

A user named nothisispatrick_kim comments, "LINDA IS BEING KISSED NOT YELLED AT." Other users have also mentioned Linda's name frequently.

Linda is Daz's assistant who helps him create videos while he is pretty busy. Many of his fans thought that Linda was a created character, but during a video, we can clearly hear her in the background when Daz yells at Linda.

Daz can be found on Instagram sharing a bunch of posts with his new girlfriend, but he has never told whom he is dating now. It can be confirmed that they have been together since 2022.

Daz Games recently shared a picture with lady quoting
Daz Games recently shared a picture with lady quoting "I am very Happy to be with this woman"( Source : instagram )

Daz Black's Nationality Is English

Daz Black is English by nationality and is renowned for his fancy accent on his funny skits.

The famous content creator was born and brought up in Hastings by his parents.

Presently, the YouTuber stays in London with his new girlfriend. He often spends quality time with his daughter from the previous relationship at his home.

Daz posted an Instagram post saying
Daz posted an Instagram post saying "Like father like daughter ?? Just another fun day with my girl"( Source : instagram )

Daz has not publicly announced his family origin on the media. However, the YouTuber is believed to have an Anglo-Saxon ethnic heritage and deep European ancestry.

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Daz Black's Net Worth Is $9 Million

Daz Black has a net worth of $9 million, carknowledge.com reports.

However, the data might not be accurate because it is just a report of the following website.

Being one of the famous social media stars, Daz has been very confidential in the media. Most of his financial data has been a big secret on the internet.

He earns his paycheck from all the global ad revenue in his YouTube content. Apart from that, the digital star has sponsorship deals with different brands.

Business Insider claims a YouTuber with 1 million subscribers can earn up to $50,000 per month - so with 8 million subscribers, his average monthly earning can be more or less than $400,000.

Daz Black posing with his
Daz Black posing with his "Model 3" Tesla.( Source : instagram )

The figure is a rough estimation, but his followers can observe Daz Games living a lavish lifestyle. He frequently travels to various places around the world to spend vacations.

He often flaunts his fashion sense and talent in front of the camera. Daz is a kind-hearted person; he isn't afraid of donating and doesn't aggrandize his earnings in any of his videos.

Some FAQs

Where does Daz Black live?

Daz lives in England, United Kingdom.

Who Is Daz Black's Wife?

Daz Black married Kate Blackmore, but they got separated.

Who Is Daz Games' Ex Girlfriend?

The YouTuber's ex-girlfriend was Soheila Clifford.

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