HGTV Host David Visentin Wife Krista Visentin Has A Blossoming Career Of Her Own

David Visentin is the star host of the series Love It Or List It
David Visentin is the star host of the series Love It Or List It( Source : hgtv )

David Visentin and wife Krista Visentin got married on October 7, 2006. Krista is a Canadian real estate agent.

The realtor, David, started his career in 1987 when working for Country Living Realty as an agent, and from there, he started his journey of becoming a famous realtor. In contrast, Krista is also a real state agent who supported him when he became famous on television.

Their marriage is a perfect blend of love and success as they both are from the same sector. They help each other sell houses and other properties and help each other grow in the industry.

Moreover, their bonding has helped open opportunities for both of them and give expert advice to each other as they have been in this field for a very long time.

Inside David Visentin Married Life

David Visentin and his wife Krista Grycko Visentin have been together for 16 years. They tied the knot in a private wedding ceremony in Ontario.

Although he is seen with Hilary more often than his own partner, fans speculate him of being in a relationship with her, and he cleared all the hoaxes by saying they are only friends and have a pure form of respect for her and is like a family.

Krista is also a real estate agent who oversees renting, selling, and managing properties, which has benefited her as the wife of the most famous relator who appears on the Tv series Love It or List It.

David and his spouse have been married for sixteen years
David and his spouse have been married for sixteen years( Source : closerweekly )

They have been married since 2006, which is truly remarkable, and with the same career interest, they help each other grow and have created an empire for themselves.

After dating Krista Grycko for a while, David wed her in an intimate ceremony in front of a small gathering of their loved ones. David and Krista have been living happily and lovingly together ever since.

Krista Age Compared With Her Husband David

Krista Visentin still looks beautiful at 52, while her husband David is 57 years old. They have an age difference of five years.

Being a very private person, her early life is still a mystery; however, it is known that she was very interested in dancing during her childhood but chose a career path of a realtor as she saw potential in that field to become financially free.

She holds Canadian nationality as she was born in Ontario, Canada, and spent most of her childhood there with her parents and siblings. 

Visentin during an interview with his co host Hilary
Visentin during an interview with his co host Hilary( Source : yahoo )

Krista has a net worth of $1 million from her real estate career.

She has been in the field for a very long time and amassed a lot of fortune from it, and with the help of her husband, she has also gained more from him as her contact and fame in the field have helped her more.

They Are Parents To Their 11 Year Old Son

As a Canadian realtor, he and his family live a comfortable life from his earnings as a TV personality and real estate person.

He started working with his father, Nick, who has been a family man since his teenage years and helped his family business grow. He also discovered new potential homes for numerous clients for over 25 years.

Now he and his wife work together in the industry, make a decent living, and are happy with their life.

He with his siblings celebrating Christmas during his childhood
He with his siblings celebrating Christmas during his childhood( Source : twitter )

They Have A Son Named Logan

Soon after they wed, the couple welcomed their first child. On March 30, 2011, their son was born. They had been married for five years when the child was born. When Krista gave birth to her first child, she was 41 years old.

He said one of the happiest times in David's life was the birth of his child, and he always cherishes that moment, loves his son the most, and fulfills every need of his.

Logan is 11 years old right now. He is probably still in middle school because he is still young. Beyond that, very little is known about their son. He has been shielded from the spotlight like his mother. They all share a home in Ontario, Canada.

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