Dave Kindig Met His Current Wife Charity Kindig At A Dance Club While He Was Still In High School

Dave Kindig says he was nervous to risk the successful life his hard work had earned him by putting himself and his shop on television.
Dave Kindig says he was nervous to risk the successful life his hard work had earned him by putting himself and his shop on television. ( Source : fuelcurve )

Famous fashion designer Dave Kindig is married to his stunning wife, Charity Kindig. 

American hot rod designer Dave Kindig, who also stars in the reality program "Bitchin' Rides," is well known for his work customizing vehicles. He also runs and owns Kindig-it Design, a company that sells the newest clothing, unique parts, and gear. Kindig-it Design is a custom automotive manufacturing firm.

New and used cars are customized by Dave and his crew. He and his team are featured in the reality series "Bitchin' Ride," which premiered in 2014, where they can be seen working in their garage to customize various types of cars. 

Kindig has been designing since he was a little boy.
Kindig has been designing since he was a little boy.( Source : youtube )


Dave Kindig And Wife Charity Have Been Together For 3 Decades

For the past 26 years, Dave Kindig has been married to his wife, Charity Kindig. The duo got married in 1992, and ever since, the two have been devoted to one another.

Additionally, they are parents to the lovely Baylee and Drew. Dave enjoys spending time with his children and posting pictures of them on social media. In June 2018, he posted an Instagram image of himself and his children celebrating Father's Day. In August 2018, his daughter wed a man by the name of Kaden.

When Charity was a senior in high school, they both first met there. Baylee Kindig and Drew Kindig, the couple's two blessings, were born. Charity and her kids have been incredibly helpful to the family business of designing and personalizing automobiles.

In a March 2018 interview with KUTV, Dave stated that over the past 26 years, his wife's support had enabled him to maintain his equilibrium. He went on to say that she was the "whoa, whoa, whoa," when he has always been the "go, go, go." One of the most excellent things that have ever happened to him, in his opinion, is the collaboration with his better half.

Dave with his wife Charity.
Dave with his wife Charity. ( Source : instagram )

His wife, without a doubt, has a huge impact on his life. With that, Charity even tweeted Dave's wishes for their 25th wedding anniversary on July 11, 2017. Similar to this, Dave wished his wife a happy birthday on March 2nd through his Instagram account.

Who Is Charity Kindig?

Dave Kindig's wife, Charity, serves as vice president of Kindig-It Design and is a well-known auto aficionado. Since her father was a hot rodder and a member of an auto club, Charity had grown up among cars.

Charity's mother loved vintage cars. In addition to working in the auto industry, Charity Kindig is attempting to become an author and has plans to write a book in the future on the couple's trials and tribulations of owning a hot rod shop. The celebrity wife is a philanthropist who supports many causes, such as the prevention of youth suicide and mental health issues.

On July 11, Dave wished his wife their anniversary on his Instagram account. He writes, "I can’t believe it’s been 30 years since we got married. I have loved this woman with all my heart and can’t wait to say “I do” again this week! I will follow you into the darkness"

Dave Kindig And His Career Details

Even though he never attended an art school and did not even finish college, Dave Kindig had a passion for cars as a youth.

He is now a self-taught automobile designer and fabricator. He gained a lot of knowledge from his job at high-performance coatings during his early years. However, after working there for a while, he decided to start his own firm and pursue his passion.

In Hot Wheels and Legos, he continued to pursue his engineering degree. When Dave was younger, vehicles were just a pastime for him. At age 5, he began to draw cars. Dave is a self-taught artist who learned through observing others and working on his own vehicles.

He began creating stuff in his garage, and others began to take notice of his creations. His pastime quickly transitioned into a full-time job.

Dave with his family.
Dave with his family. ( Source : instagram )

After being granted the chance to illustrate a 1969 Camaro, which was published in magazines like Super Chevy and Chevy High Performance, he landed his first significant job.

Dave later used about $5000 to launch his own business, called "Kindig It," in 1999. This company's mission is to modify and customize automobiles while also offering the newest accessories, gear, and clothing.

Additionally, to fix damaged cars and make them appear like new ones. They initially purchased about 4,500 square feet of workspace for Kindig It, but they now have more than 27,000 square feet.

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