Dash Mihok And His Wife Valeria Mason Celebrated Anniversary With The Family

Dash and Valeria celebrating their 10th anniversary in 26 September
Dash and Valeria celebrating their 10th anniversary in 26 September( Source : instagram )

Dash Mihok wife Valeria Mason is a Latin singer and songwriter born in Mexico City. Dash and Valeria are the parents to their two children.

The 48-year-old from New York City grew up in Greenwich Village and worked in the productions of Law & Order and NYPD Blue in the 90s. After two years, he got his first movie break with director Barry Levinson's film, Sleepers before getting a breakthrough with Romeo and Juliet.

Throughout the years, he has given his mind, body, and soul to his projects, featuring in blockbusters like The Day After Tomorrow, The Perfect Storm, I Am Legend and Silver Linings Playbook.

Dash Mihok Wife Valeria Mason

Dash Mihok wife Valeria Mason is a professional singer and songwriter. Dash and Valeria got married in 2009.

Mason has been singing since she could talk, and she used to hum tunes inside her mind. She spent her childhood making up lyrics that had no meaning.

Her mother was the one who first discovered her talents and honed her character when she was only five. She enrolled her in a music class, and she got hooked on the violin by the upcoming year. 

The Mihok family on Christmas Day 2022
The Mihok family on Christmas Day 2022( Source : instagram )

Indeed, her family has always been her driving force to venture into music, as they were a band coming together to play every musical instrument known to mankind. Friends and family would come over, and they could create magic out of thin air. Coming from a lineage filled with ballet, opera, musical comedy, and jazz as it was no wonder she discovered singing. 

For the past few years, she had devoted her time to bettering her craft as she finally got a chance to perform Peligro at the second annual Hollywood Heals: Spotlight on Tourette Syndrome event hosted by the Tourette Association. The 2015 event was close to her heart as she wished to help people suffering from the disease.

She wore a sparkly short dress as she sang her heart out to entertain the guests. The upload has gotten over a thousand videos and more on Youtube.

Album art for Valeria's 2022 single Un Instante Mas
Album art for Valeria's 2022 single Un Instante Mas( Source : instagram )

But that is not all, as she has a new album out called A New Beginning which signifies her new phase of life, outside her comfort zone living in Los Angeles. She got to work with various successful composers like Rafael López and excellent musicians, along with some great finds.

The result is her soul bare for everyone to see as it talks about the t the consequences and antecedents of starting something.

Besides, she is a verified artist on Spotify, where she raised some of her mother tongues. In 2022, she dropped two singles Behind the Pain and One More Moment.

Inside Dash And Valeria's Married Life

Their intimate wedding ceremony took place in the presence of only close friends and family on the auspicious day of August 15, 2009. 

They had been quiet about their rendezvous but kept their bond strong. The entire clan showed up to wish the pair and flew to Zihuatanejo, Mexico, to watch them say their vows.

His wife-to-be was still Mexican by her citizenship as they completed their document the following day to move to Los Angeles. 

The bride wore the traditional colors while the groom opted for a lighter shade to match his partner. The heavens were not on their side as it rained cat and dog as lightning struck the hillside. Despite being soaking wet, they made a blissful memory in each other's embrace, one they would never forget. 

Valeria and Dash wedding day August 15 2022
Valeria and Dash wedding day August 15 2022( Source : instagram )

This year, the singer did disclose intimate details of her rehearsal dinner. Over the years, she had given her husband a cute nickname, calling him her king. Their wedding was an event for a lifetime, but it was just as magical.

There was a ceremony called a rehearsal dinner, and it was a mess with no one following the directions given by the coordinator. Her friends Anna and Kerby made a beautiful book full of notes and pictures while her parents gave them music with a mariachi. 

Valeria and Dash on their rehearsal dinner on the day before their wedding
Valeria and Dash on their rehearsal dinner on the day before their wedding( Source : instagram )

They seem to have overcome the passage of time and kept their adoration alive for the world to see. They always attend an anniversary or birthday, singing paragraphs upon adorations. Date nights are regular, with them shamelessly exposing public displays of affection throughout holidays or vacations. 

Dash And Valeria Have Two Kids

After 13 years of marriage, Dash and Valeria are blessed with two adorable children. 

Their two daughters Olivia Mihak, born in 2013, and Catalina Mihok, welcomed by the family in 2016. The family of four resides in Hollywood, California. The ladies have been following their mother's passion, and they have picked up an instrument or two. 

The Mihok family with their two daughters at Capilla Santiago Apostol Tlayacapan in 2021
The Mihok family with their two daughters at Capilla Santiago Apostol Tlayacapan in 2021( Source : instagram )

Her Instagram often showed the kids messing around with notes, with Olivia working so hard, memorizing and performing four pieces on the piano and three on the violin. Seeing her dedication, her mother could not contain her glee and showed off her prodigy-worthy children on camera. 

Olivia playing the piano in April 2020
Olivia playing the piano in April 2020( Source : instagram )

In 2021, the household traveled to Capilla Santiago Apostol Tlayacapan over the summer and allowed the family to celebrate God's love. First, they baptized Catita, and then Olivia received her first communion. It was a huge blessing to be in the company of her parents and brothers as they celebrated with their loved ones. 

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