Who Is Darius Rucker Married To In 2022? Details About His Kids And Wife

An American singer and songwriter Darius Rucker, one of the greatest artists
An American singer and songwriter Darius Rucker, one of the greatest artists ( Source : facebook )

Darius Rucker, a beloved husband of Beth Leonard, is an American singer and songwriter who gained fame as the number one vocalist and guitarist for the band Hottie & the Blowfish. 

Rucker is a musician who started his journey from his college rock band founded by him in 1986. Mark Bryan, Jim Sonefeld, and Dean Felber were part of the band that released five studio albums and charted top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Perhaps, Rucker co-wrote the various song with his team members of the band. In 2002, he released Back to Then. His album, Learn to live, led him the first Black artist to reach number one on the chart of Hot Country Songs. 

Who Is Darius Rucker Married To In 2022? Know His Wife And Kids

Rucker married his beloved wife, Beth Leonard. The couple bonded in a marriage relationship in December 2000, inspiring him to write a country song, Alright. In 2021, the pair announced their conscious uncoupling. The couple had two children, Dinella Rose, and Jack Rucker.

Before this, Rucker had a daughter Carolyn Pearl Phillips from his girlfriend, Elizabeth Ann Philips. Additionally, Phillips was born on April 21, 1995. She is the eldest daughter of a singer named after Rucker's mother. Analyzing Carolyn's profile, she completed her graduation in May 2018. He was proud of his daughter and posted the moment on his social page.

Like, Rucker, Carolyn has a keen interest in music. She may choose the footstep of her father in the coming days. On her youtube channel, she often posted the cover of various songs trending on the internet. 

Darius Rucker with his daughter
Darius Rucker with his daughter( Source : facebook )

Daniella is the first child of the couple Beth and Rucker. His second daughter was born on May 16, 2001, and in the present context, she is 21. The singer named his second kid after reputed football legend Dan Marino. She has joined New York University and may graduate in a few years. 

Like their elder sister and father, Daniella also loves singing songs. Rucker's family runs the music talent. On the social platform, Daniella recorded a piece posted by Rucker called I Don't Love You Like That. Due to the pandemic, they were together and had an opportunity to register their child's son. 

In the song, Daniella shared an emotional phase in her life after a breakup. She hopes her previous love to live the best life. Even her voice is melodious. Besides this, Rucker wants his kids to choose their freedom in any subject.

In 2005, Rucker had a son named Jack. He is currently 17 years old. The singer mentioned that his children don't need to be involved in music besides their wish. If they want to, they can be engineers or doctors or get a real job. He admitted they are growing up to be great kids in the future.

Darius Rucker's Parents' Identity

Rucker was grown up by a single parent, Carolyn Rucker. He was born in Charleston, South Carolina, United States, on May 13, 1966. He is currently 56 years old. His mother was a nurse at the Medical University of South Carolina who singly handled his five siblings. 

In November 1992, Rucker's mother died of a heart attack. Afterward, remembering his mother, he wrote two songs, I'm Goin' Home and Not Even the Trees. The Hootie song dedicated to his father is called Where Were You, which enlisted the relationship between his father and him. 

In addition, the song was released in Europe only. As a result, Rucker thought his dad would not hear the album. Also, at his father's funeral, he sang Hottie & the Blowfish. 

Darius Rucker with his mother and siblings
Darius Rucker with his mother and siblings( Source : facebook )

According to Rucker, his father was never involved in caring for his three sisters and two brothers. He used to see his father only on Sundays before church. His father was also a musician and the art of the gospel band named The Travelling Echoes. 

Rucker flourished in Southern African American culture. The singer's family used to attend church every Sunday. His household was economically poor, and they lived in a joint family with his two sisters, grandmother, and other 14 children in only three-bedroom houses. 

However, Rucker looks his childhood was a fun memory. His sister, L'Corine, was fond of music, and it was her dream to sing on stage. 

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Darius Rucker Net Worth; How Much He Aquire?

According to sources, Rucker's estimated net worth was around $12 million. Since 1986, Rucker has been the lead singer of Hootie & the Blowfish. While attending the University of South California, he met with his band members Mark Bryan, Jim Sonefeld, and Dean Felber. 

As a part of Hootie & the Blowfish, the singer recorded six studio albums: Cracked Rear View, Fairweather Johnson, Musical Chairs, Scattered, Smothered & Covered, Hottie &the Blowfish, and Looking for Lucky. 

According to Richest, the following are the estimated earnings of the American singer Rucker:

Earning  Estimated Salary
Record Sales 2015 $199,000
Record Sales 2014 $151,000
Record Sales 2010 $575,400
Record Sales 2008 $1,300,000

Before his fame, he used to live at the University of South Carolina in the basement of Sigma Phi Epsilon. In 2001, the singer started his solo carrer with the debut album R&B, The Return of Mongo Slide. Nonetheless, the song had never released due to contractual changes. 

In July 2002, He released his independent label Hidden Beach Recordings, named Back To Then. In 2001, his single This was My world featured in the comedy movie Shallow Hal. At the beginning of country music, he signed to Capitol Records Nashville in early 2008. His first solo single debuted at number 51 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs named Don't Think I Don't Think About It. 

On February 6, 2009, his second album, Learn to Live, was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. On August 7, 2009, it also received a platinum certification. 

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